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Hey my name is Marble and I am a young transgender woman from the Philippines and I am make-up lover who has dreams to become a make-up artist and a Youtuber. I currently work as a Customer Service representative in the Philippines.

For the past few years I have grown so much love for make-up and it became my passion. I live in Bacolod, a small town from the Philippines and thankfully, with the access to Internet especially in Youtube I was able to explore and relate myself to people with the same interests as me. I also learned my skills there and just like other people says I have a great potential.

I have no formal education on make-up neither do I have finished university to earn a degree. For seven years now I have been working in a call center as a Customer Service rep. And lucky to be accepted as an openly transgender woman. I earn enough to to support myself and to afford local make-up that I can use for both personal and for my clients, lol. I am sure the knew about it but I also make sure it's cleaned.

Just like other people I struggled to find myself and what I really wanted in life. That's one of the reason that I dealt with anxiety attacks for 3 years and I even stopped taking hormones because doctors here say it's the one that caused it. I am thankful though. Thankful for my family and support from friends and through Youtube where I can relate from other people which helped me recognize my situation. Here I am 4 years later, I am feeling great and I have big dreams to become a a make-up artist and a Youtuber.

Just last year, I bought a used iPhone 6 through my savings and I was very happy! It was the start of my journey of becoming a Youtuber! I am using my Iphone camera to film and create my videos. Since September I already posted (7) seven make-up related videos! I've gained 113 subscribers and an average of maybe 100 views per video. I always dream to make it big in Youtube to inspire other people with the same interests and passion.

Here is the link to my channel:

I struggle to become as relevant as i could be. I wanted to be known not just for my personality and skills but I also want to be relatable and become an inspiration that anything is possible to achieve. Ideally I want to reach a bigger audience from different sides of the world not just from the Philippines. One of my challenges is my filming set-up. In order to film a quality content I would have to have a good camera, a nice background and a good lighting. That, in total costs up to $2000-3000 which is impossible if I just rely on my salary. It would take my 6 months, that is if I just save up all of my salary per month. I would also have to have wider make-up product ranges so I can create more make-up looks and more tools for creating hairstyles. I just have so much ideas when I have all the resources.

I believe everything is possible! I am super thankful I found this website where people can raise funds and so many people are given help through this! I want to become an inspiration to other people that they should not give up on their dream and the possibilities are endless! I want to help the too! We all deserve the life we wanted. Keep chasing your dreams! Thanks you and more blessings to you!

Sincerely yours,

Marble Salcedo


  • Marble Salcedo
  • Campaign Owner


  • William Omo
  • Donated on Jan 27, 2018
  • I wish you the best of luck!! You are a great person and I hope more people see it.


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  • William Omo
  • Donated on Jan 27, 2018
  • I wish you the best of luck!! You are a great person and I hope more people see it.



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