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A documentary film about the sex industry in Spain, demand and exploitation. Spain has a ‘doblecara’ two faces, one side tells one story and the other side another. It’s fronteras have become a haven for sex tourism and criminality, the youth look to pornstars as role models and more and more young people visit prostitutes just for fun.

Spain has the highest amount of trafficked individuals in Europe and the highest demand for prostitution with 39% of Spanish men paying for sex. Roadside brothels, open highways, and hidden apartments are populated with young immigrant women working. Spain needs a huge change, greater awareness, education and concrete changes to its laws that will stick. Spain’s situation is alarming, as is the scale of human trafficking and the demand for paid sex on a global scale.

We have researched this topic in depth and are now in early production for an exciting documentary.

'Horns On The Woman' is about the sex industry in Spain, demand and exploitation. As, you know filming is expensive, laborious and rewarding. But you can help out and be a part of this too!

Please donate any amount you can, and share within your networks. We have found that emails to friends and families works well to raise $$ as well sharing on social media.

Folow us on Social media to keep up with production and email updates are sent to donors wihen you opt in at [email protected]

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Donations of $25 receive a digital copy of the film when released. You can organise a watch party for your organisation, university or community. Help complete "Horns On The Woman" - Documentary Film.

Watch the Teaser here! ES with English Subtitles

"Some people are fortunate to have a home, a family and support and to have never have lived on the streets, to of ever had to eat from a garbage bin, not to be raped. Some people are very fortunate" - Leti

"When I left my home in Saó Paolo Brazil during university break I thought I was going to Spain to work as a nanny. I was fooled. They forced me to work as a prostitute in Vigo, Spain. Then in the middle of the night the took me to Portugal to work, then to France... after a while they sent me back to Spain to work at the back of a bar in Seville, Spain". - Fernanda

"When I came to Spain, it was through Libya. We left Nigeria as 25 girls from my village, we left with an important man from the village. But he sold us at the border, that man sold us to Arabs. They made business from us. The men rape us, chain us. Six of us are alive. The boys I don't know. They die quicker, they are not used as much for business. Girls more." - Hope


Digital Copy of The Film


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raised of €3,000.00 goal
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