From a TINY SPARK may burst a MIGHTY FLAME

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I'm Sam Bertillo 24 years old, and just became a father last September 19, 2020. Selena was born in a moving van on my very own hands, She's only 850 grams and 27 weeks not even half of a normal weight for a new born baby. When I first held her, it's very hard to explain how I felt that day, I thought that the first day she will born would be the most happiest time I would experience as I hold her, but things never go as planned, I don't know what to do that time, all I thought was every second I hold her in my hands could also be the last time. I'm powerless and all I can do is to wait until we got to the hospital, we tried to admit her in public hospital but they don't have any room for her. She was first treated in The Medical City emergency room where they did all necessary procedures to stabilize her condition but can't be admitted to their Neonatal ICU's because she's not born in their hospital. After a day and half we finally got a public hospital she can be admitted with proper equipment to assist her development. For just a day and half. Our bill skyrocketed to PHP 143,000 for her and PHP 50,000 her mother, in order to transfer her to a public hospital we also need to pay the ambulance fee which is PHP 40,000. I already loaned and borrowed money to all persons we know but didn't even got the quarter of it. I prayed for her to get better and I hope that she continue getting her treatment which she need to incubate at least 1 - 2 months.

My mother has stage 4 cancer she's been fight for almost 2 years now and both of them is very important to me. I want to help them out as long as I can. Both of them are fighting right now to be part of this world and so we are. I hope that we can help them out to get through this situation their experiencing right now.

A mother and a daughter of my life are fighting for their life right now, any small help is a big step for their betterment, "Thank you" was not enough to express my gratitude for any assistance we can get. But God will always be the best witness for those people who helped others.


I'm 24, working as call center agent,

I'm 24, working as call center agent,

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