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Mise à jour publié par Rowena Sola Le May 19, 2017

hello I'm here again the day's run... Pls help me,the enrollment of my children is coming this June. I'm here to ask u again to all of you that has a generous heart. It's a big dream for me to see them going to school and enjoy thier dreams in future. Thank you.

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Mise à jour publié par Rowena Sola Le May 09, 2017

I'm here to get fund asking help to all of you, with a big heart. I'm only a domestic helper in Singapore my salary not enough for my family. I wish and dream to finish their studies from your help. Godbless you all. Thank you.

    1. My husband was already paralized almost 8years, I'm only one working for them. It's only I wish them to finish their studies. And find a good job in future.This coming June was school enrollment. That's why I'm here to as your help. Thank you so much to all of you reading this with have a generous heart. We only a simple family and want to be happy for our dream. Godbless you all.
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