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Mise à jour publié par ettore farrattini Le Jun 13, 2018

Dear friends of the Palazzo Farrattini,

as many of you might know recently we lost our very dear friend, Carol Mangrum Nei: she left this world last march 28th taken by a very quick cancer.

Carol not only was family to us, but she loved the palazzo and we invited her to spend time there as much as possible. She and her late husband Mauro came so often and I think they slept in almost every possible room in so many different occasions and we miss them terribly. After Mauro passed away, Carol spent much of her time at the Palazzo with us.

We would like to honor both Carol and Mauro with a plaque in a room which will be restored with donations given in their name.

We will keep you posted on what and when but if you knew them and know how much they loved the palazzo, please remember that your donation will be used in their memory.

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