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Copper for the future
Mise à jour publié par ALIYA SAHINAH CHARLES Le Sep 17

Young people always have all kinds of ideas, and the oath of youth is always on their lips. No matter where it is, it can reflect the vitality of our young people, and the university is the place where young people gather most. There will be more things happening here, and the ideas will be more abundant.

When we come to university, we always have too many ideas and spend every day in a hurry. It seems so busy, but when you calm down, you will find that you don't know what you're busy with. I can't find my sense of direction.

When this time comes, there will be various forms to express their differences in this period. Because they are young people, some strange ideas and lifestyles will appear. Some people began to play games all day, some people began to go shopping without class, and some people began to skip classes in all kinds of societies. Few people can really understand what they have done all day. They only know that youth is precious and can't be wasted, but they don't know how to really cherish it.

The topic of adapting to the society was raised very early in the University. Everyone is busy adapting to the society and has no time to think about why they want to do so. Just a gust of wind in the University, everyone followed.

But slowly we will find that the so-called slogan of adapting to the society and laying the foundation for our work is actually just an air. Those facilities in the university are just furnishings. They waste time there every day. What they really learn is nothing.

More and more confused, we can't find the direction. No one can really tell us what to do. And we can only waste time and consume our youth every day. It will feel good in my heart, but there is no other way. The four years in the university are so long that I can only live like this to make myself a little dependent.

In the face of examination and study, more and more fake things appear. (inspirational article www.lz13. CN) everyone no longer likes learning and reading. Fly around like a fly all day. Without taking a little time to think, where is our road?

A quiet winter vacation, a frozen vacation on campus, has been trying to find their own direction.

Maybe God has eyes, maybe the year of the tiger is auspicious. This direction is becoming clearer and clearer in my mind.

That is to fight for your dream!

Set a goal for your life, give yourself a clear hope for the future, and give your life a direction light. Let's work hard in this direction, constantly surpass ourselves, improve our level, and don't let ourselves slack off.

It is more and more important for young people to have goals, ideals and dreams. This is the driving force for their progress, the direction of their action, and the Lighthouse of their struggle in life. Only in this way can our youth never grow old and die.

Young man, everybody get up! Fight for your dream!

Article on dreams (2): "there is a dream, there is tomorrow"

There are a pair of brothers. Their family lives on the 80th floor. One day they went home from a trip and found that the building had a power failure! Although they were carrying large bags of luggage, it seemed that they had no other choice, so my brother said to my brother, let's climb the stairs! So they began to climb the stairs with two big bags of luggage on their backs. When they climbed to the 20th floor, they began to get tired. My brother said, "the bag is too heavy. Let's put the bag here and take the elevator after the call." so they put their luggage on the 20th floor. It's much easier and continue to climb up.

They climbed up, talking and laughing, but it didn't last long. When they reached the 40th floor, they were really tired. Thinking that they had only climbed half way, they began to complain to each other and accused each other of not paying attention to the power outage announcement of the building. They clambered and climbed all the way to the 60th floor. On the 60th floor, they were too tired to quarrel. The younger brother said to his brother, "let's stop arguing and finish climbing it." so they continued to climb the building silently and finally arrived at the 80th floor! Excited to come to the door, the brothers found that their keys had been left in their bags on the 20th floor. Some people say that this story actually reflects our life: before the age of 20, we live under the expectations of our family and teachers, bear a lot of pressure and burden, and we are not mature enough and lack of ability, so our steps are inevitably unstable. After the age of 20, he left the pressure of others, unloaded his burden, and began to go all out to pursue his dream. He lived happily for 20 years. But at the age of 40, when I found that my youth had passed away, I couldn't help but have a lot of regrets and remorse, so I began to regret this, regret that, complain about this and hate that. In this way, I spent 20 years in complaining. At the age of 60, I found that there was not much left in life, so I told myself not to complain, but to cherish the rest of the days! So I went through my years silently. At the end of life, I remembered that there seemed to be something unfinished. It turned out that all our dreams stayed in our youth at the age of 20.

People are great because of their dreams. Opportunities always belong to those who are prepared and act immediately!

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