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We have reached target whoooohooooooo!
Mise à jour publié par Fiona Demaret Le Sep 08

Morning all, I have paused the online campaign now as what with some very generous offline donations we have met and exceeded the target and are at a total of €1,290 raised - brilliant!

I spoke to the vet yesteday who told me that Popsis is still holding his own and has started to eat, albeit hand fed only but hopefully this will improve as he heals. He is drinking and peeing OK and his blood tests are good, an ultrasound has been carried out to check on the fluid / swelling situation and that appears to have dissipated and stopped.

I will organise the transfer of funds from here to the vets as soon as I can and will then update again.

Thank you to all Popsis supporters...generous benefactors and the wonderful vet clinic team, if only he knew how the kindness of people who are strangers to him have effectively, saved his life.

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