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Heart Valve Surgery
Mise à jour publié par Guada Gonzales Le May 20

Good day, everyone!

I am Guada Marie M. Gonzales and I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease few years ago. I am a mother of a 5-year old boy and I have no other desires in life than to see him grow and provide for his needs. However, keeping my situation this way will worsen my condition because I have been taking multiple medicines to aid the disease aside from the fact that the disease itself is life threatening if not treated. With this reason, the doctor advised that I should undergo a heart surgery to somehow alleviate my condition and bring back the normal state of my heart (2 heart valve replacement). Since me and my family alone cannot afford the necessary fees for the operation, I would like to knock on your benevolent hearts to contribute any amount for this cause. Truly, every centavo of your donation matters and I sincerely can't thank you enough for this opportunity and the hope that you will be giving so that I may continue to live, provide for my child, and bring joy to my family and friends.

If you wish to join me in this fight of battling this disease, you may send your donations thru Gcash 09155313303 under the name, Guada Marie Gonzales.

I hope that you will include me in your prayers and I look forward to whatever God has prepared for me. Please stay safe ang may God bless each one of us and our families.

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