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Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Mise à jour publié par Marcela Camarena Maldonado Le Apr 10

Dear ALL it has been very bussy bussy and stressful weeks but thanks YOU all donnors, angels of God that our dear Emiliano went to his personal neurocirgeuron in Mexico city (due Doctors in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Merida were unable to fix it due their specialty was not neurocirgeoran) who took care of all he needs to become a healthy kid again _/_ and took him from extreme emergency status to urgency status and now to important care, more studies and follow ups.The malfunction valve was not in the right place anymore but THANK YOU and all donors now is so stable feeling so great and happy without any pain or life danger anymore for the moment❤️ The valve now is from heart to a vain (on the way to his heart so it can still working without the "need to be removed" for almost half of the money that was required) till will not work anymore "mabe" again one day. So we have been able to cover all costs needed yet thanks to YOU and all the blessed donnors❤️ We are going to keep praying and saving for the endoscopy of the 3rd ventricule that soon or later the doctor said he will need. I cannot thank you enough, THANK YOU to helped me to see that little boy full of life smiling and healthy ❤️ Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU ALL and Thanks to God to send all these beautiful angels to help: all of YOU! Gracias!

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