Jul 05, 2021 at 11:26 am

We are building a shelter

Update posted by Gabriella Bus

We are building a shelter. The land is cleaned by a tractor and three shipping containers arrived.

One for storage, one for us to live in and one for the cats. ( on the picture) ( I don't know why turned the picture )

The land has its own water and we already bought generator for electricity, so we can take the water out. We ordered many trees, too and planning to order more, so and the cats and we will have shade.

Next step is the fencing. Tomorrow we have a meeting with a man to talk about it. We are really running out if money, so we have to figure out the cheapest, but still safe way to be able to continue.

We found used aluminium windows and doors, too, waiting the man to put them in.

So you can see we are really busy. We have full time job, too, and trying to make the life of the cats better.

I hope we succeed. We put everything in this project, even my heritage. ( my mother died 2 month ago.) But I think she could be proud of me if she see, what we di for the cats. She loved animals as much as I do.

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