Mar 02, 2021 at 08:07 pm

Rotten leg cat

Update posted by Gabriella Bus

Look the leg. It is "rotten". :(

At first I listened about him from Krista Keski-Heikkilä and after Georgia Kyprianou. Thank you ladies. I know he is wild and he disappear between the graves, if he feels danger. One time Krista and me looked for him there and I went alone also, because he never ever showed up when I fed the cats. I was hopping to find his favourite place and trap him there.

But today Krista came and told me he was at the main gate. I grabbed pate and we went to catch him. I tricked him with the pate and was able to catch him. Called my vet and Krista took him there. ( I went back to work )

I will ask my vet again what he has, I forgot the word, but who remembers the bleeding ear cat it is the same. But his got terrible infected. Vet cleaned the wound, gave him the treatment for this plus for worms and fleas, too. And he got neutered, too. He will spend a month with me, will be on antibiotic treatment and I have to put cream for his wound every day two times. I have no idea how I will manage that. He is huuuuge. Nearly 6 kg and quiet wild. So wish me luck, please.

And if you can, please help me with his vet bill. ( photo in the post )

Forgot to mention photos were taken by Georgia Kyprianou

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