Mises à jour activées My Mom presents Keloids associated to Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection

First Help
Mise à jour publié par Jose Moreno Le Feb 21

Thank you so much for helping my mom, im uploading some more pictures of her as I myself may know one only picture may not seem real, I wouldn’t lie about this at first, and I hope you understand that it isn’t easy to get pictures of someone that gets really affected by the condition she has. Yet still, I already uploaded some more and as the time passes I will continue uploading if im able to convince her to take some more. I know the link itself of this campaign may sound generic but at the time I created this I felt her desperation and really couldn't think about other thing. As days pass I changed the description and added more info. Thanks to everyone thats helping my mom, I am really greatful from the bottom of my heart and God bless you 🙏

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