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UPDATE: Daddy is on palliative care
Mise à jour publié par Rusela Rambayon Le Feb 09

Hi Everyone!

We hope everyone is doing great. It's February 2020, and we are so happy to share that Daddy is still fighting!

We are in and out of the hospital since November 2019 for treatments and several emergency situations. We have spent Christmas & New Year in the hospital with our loved ones and thankful that Daddy is now home with us. Thank you everyone to all those who have extended their thoughts, prayers, time and assistance during our very trying times.

Daddy already refused chemotherapy. His body can no longer handle the harsh effects of it and his body will deteriorate faster if we continue with the treatments. We fully support him in his decision and he is now under the monitoring of a Palliative Care doctor.

We have set-up a mini hospital room for our Daddy to make sure he is comfortable and being taken cared of properly. The doctor visits him weekly to clean his dressing for his central line and to make sure that he has a fresh dose of morphine for pain. Daddy also has a nurse who monitors his IV line everyday. Daddy can no longer eat due to blockage in his intestines because of the tumors. His nutrition is all going through this central line and only a registered nurse is equiped to do it.

It may be ironic for some that even if daddy is at home, we are still spending a lot for his medical needs. And since we have been battling with his disease since July 2019, it is really a challenge for us to continously support his needs financially.

With this, once again, we would like to appeal to your kind hearts, to please help us in supporting our Daddy.

We are still accepting donations and you may deposit it to the following accounts:

Banco De Oro (BDO)

Savings Account Number: 002010260062

Account Name: Rolando P. Rambayon


Philippine National Bank (PNB)

Savings Account Number: 105210030758

Account Name: Rolando P. Rambayon


BPI Family Savings Bank

Savings Account Number: 6136272614

Account Name: Rolando P. Rambayon


Metrobank and Trust Company (Metrobank)

Checking Account Number: 0967096534856

Account Name: Rusela G. Rambayon

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