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I humbly request you to help me for my college studies.
Mise à jour publié par Rajib Mondal Le Apr 13

I am writing this to raise my needy voice to you people. I am Rajib Mondal from Kolkata ,India. I am studying 2nd year in English literature honours. I've come to write here because its really a hard time going on with me and my family. We are fetching some serious financial problems these days . My dad has been cheated in his business and after that we had to left our home also . My dad is working on a private company and his salary is also as low that its hard for him alone to maintain the 4 members of our family. Besides me ,I have a little brother who is also studying. So we can't manage all the things now .. Already I stopped going to my college for 3 years for this financial problems. I tried to apply for education loan in bank but they refused by giving many excuses as we don't have a property and my father doesn't have a government job . Now as I'm getting older I'm worried so much that how to survive in this vast world where without knowledge and education I can't even get a job . I have to support my family and I've to help my parents to get back their home .I am requesting you to help me through this difficult time, so I don’t have to drop out of college .I have faith on you as I know men always are kind so they are called mankind. Your little contribution will bring lights and life to me and my family.

Thank you for the time and consideration you have given my situation

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