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We are go!!!
Mise à jour publié par Amanda Clare Le Jun 27

Thank you to everyone that has supported this campaign. I am through to the final stage having received nominations from 3 out of 6 local party branches and got through interview and shortlisting. I am hoping, hoping, hoping for Momentum support to help me keep building my profile with local members. None of this would be possible without the amazing helping hand you have all given. Thank you so much!!!


Great news, hope you smash it!!

Vince Canty

Mise à jour publié par Jul 01


I have raised the target figure so that we can easily do what we need to do but importantly, help other working class/low income candidates coming forward. You are amazing and huge thanks to all those working behind the scenes in various ways to help me. Please keep sharing so we can build awareness of what we are trying to do. Love our Left community!

Amanda Clare

Mise à jour publié par Jun 29