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The tablets are on their way! (And breakdown of where your donation is going)
Mise à jour publié par Jules Galloway Le Jan 08

Great News! Here is the breakdown of where your donations have gone so far.

We have purchased 15 Lenovo tablets for $1390. They are only 7 inches but we have been assured they will be perfect to get the kids started (yay!).

Our GoGet crowdfunding and credit card payment fees (6.9%) came to $87.63.

The RACHEL Offline device came to AU$667.93.

I found an upgrade for my travel insurance (for carrying extra tech devices) that was only a tiny bit more than my usual policy cost, so I'm happy to wear that payment myself.

So far we've spent $1969.37 of the $2270 raised, leaving us with $300.63. I'm going to hold onto this until I get into Fiji (in case there are any extra taxes that need to be paid upon entry into the country - don't worry - we are going armed with letters for immigration to prove that the devices were donated). Once inside Fiji, I will take whatever money is left, convert it to FJD, and present it to the head teacher as a cash donation to the school to buy extra education equipment.

Thanks again for being a part of this! xo


Well done Jules that’s a great achievement and I’m sure the school and children will be happy. It makes my heart glad to have been able to help in just a small way. Thank you 😁

Sharon Blazely

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