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Still in need of support!
Mise à jour publié par Linda Wier Le Dec 28

Our family still needs financial support on a delicate and serious matter of the legal kidnapping of my granddaughter Avani Gaia Wood.

This horrendous act has devastated and shocked our family to the core.

On Friday afternoon August 5 2016 Deborah Hoeft hires Ryan Wallace Pocahontas, Ar. attorney. Somewhere between Friday evening 8-5-2016 and early Saturday morning 8-6-2016 Deborah Hoeft breaks into Jade Cook home taking all of Ava's clothes and toys. Monday morning August 8 2016 she is seen by judge Kevin King of Randolph Co. and awarded temporary guardianship of Ava.

Deborah Hoeft immediately took my granddaughter Avani to Austin, Texas.

No investigation to Deborah Hoeft petition was researched thoroughly over weekend. No results of due diligence for no evidence was presented Monday morning 8-6-16 on behalf of her petition which stated that Jade Cook was incarcerated and being transported to Texas to be locked up for a very long time. That her son Taylor Hoeft had paternal rights and gave her written permission to take Ava. That Ava had no other blood relatives. None of her allegations were true.

Parental alienation allowed by the court and Deborah Hoeft is serious child abuse. Allowing my 5 year old granddaughter Ava to suffer emotionally is mind blowing! I am seriously confused and concerned as to how easily Ava was given to Deborah without an ounce of ethical consideration in awarding guardianship to Deborah Hoeft. No measurement what so ever in the degree of attachment Ava has with her mother was not even considered? Nor any attachment to any other of her immediate family members. Not any effort to research, investigate or evaluate any of the allegations provided by Deborah Hoeft.

Deborah Hoeft took Avani Wood by providing verbal fraudulent information to Arkansas court to obtain temporary guardianship of Ava. No documentation provided by Deborah Hoeft supporting her claim.

I feel guardianship is a highly intrusive intervention should be used only as a last resort when all other alternatives have been examined.

According to the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act Arkansas should of refrained from exercising jurisdiction while Florida courts already had jurisdiction over this matter for past 2 years. Taylor Hoeft has no rights over Avani Wood. Currently Florida judge has issued order granting motion for return of Avani Wood. Case No.2014-DR-3487-0. Arkansas would have also been able to see that Florida courts already had jurisdiction over this sensitive matter.

Deborah Hoeft has employed tactics that has caused emotional harm and damage to Avani Wood mental well-being who is left in serious concern as to where her mother and family are. I am in fear and have serious concern about my granddaughter well-being.

My daughter and granddaughter rights have been grossly overlooked.

  • No subpoena - No summons served to Jade Cook in regards to request for guardianship of her daughter Avani Wood. No documents served to Jade Cook in regards to request for guardianship of her daughter Avani Wood while she was in Craighead county jail from Friday August 5th 2016 to August 9th 2016.
  • No proof nor any evaluation was performed that must be made by a professional when filing for guardianship.
  • No independent investigation by Judge or lawyer.
  • No proof provided that no other blood relatives existed.
  • No proof provided of abuse or neglect to Avani Wood.
  • No proof provided of Jade Cook mother of Avani Wood being locked in prison without release.
  • No contact or request for Department Children & Families to investigate.
  • No proof of Arkansas residency proof that child - mother were Arkansas resident.
  • No proof or document provided to court that her son Taylor Hoeft had paternal rights or that she had any rights to Ava. Taylor and Jade were never married. Taylor did not come into Ava's life until years later. Case No. 20L4-DR-3481-O
  • No proof that Jade is not able to take care of Avani financially and provide stability.

Taylor Hoeft has never had any paternal rights as she petitioned 8-8-2016 to judge Kevin King court. On 3-12-14 Taylor had filed in Florida a petition against Hoeft, Taylor VS Wood Matt and Cook, Jade. Matt Wood is father on Florida birth certificate.

I tried to report my granddaughter Avani missing. Why didn't anyone take immediate action to file a missing child report that I tried filing? I contacted Jonesboro, Ar. police and was informed they could not file missing child report that I would have to call Pocahontas, Ar. police since the child lived in Pocahontas, Ar. Upon calling Pocahontas police they said they could not file report since child went missing in Jonesboro, Ar. I would have to file report there. It took over 24 hours for me to finally get a missing child report filed.

I know that my daughter and granddaughter have rights. I know they are and should be protected from this happening from the very beginning.

I need your help with protecting Avani Wood. I need financial support at this time because we have exhausted all savings, any other monies retaining lawyers both in Arkansas and Florida as well as cost of numerous appeals. We do not have the finance support that Deborah Hoeft has. She has made it clear to this family that she can keep this in court for as long as she needs to.

Currently my daughter does not have time for legal aid to accept her case meaning in Arkansas legal aid attorney told her she had too many cases and would not be able to get to her case until 2017 summer. Florida legal aid said they could not assist because court is in Arkansas over the matter.

The reason we need donations is to pay for cost of filing appeal release of Florida jurisdiction of matter to Arkansas and for attorney fees. My daughter and granddaughters rights have been grossly violated and continue to be violated.

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