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Nick has been elected as the WA Delegation for Bernie WHIP!
Mise à jour publié par Barbara Hidalgo-Toledo Le Jul 16

UPDATE: My son, Nicholas Vaidyanathan, was just elected WHIP for the WA delegation. Most of you know what an important position that is within a delegation. He is responsible for organizing the delegates, ensuring that everyone votes, among other important tasks that will help BERNIE attain his goals. Therefore, help him reach his fundraising goal more than ever.

Our most sincere thanks to those who have already contributed to his funding. You are funding the fight for Democracy and the country, not an individual's personal interests. In fact, by helping him and other delegates, you are actively and productively throwing your full support behind BERNIE and the Political R-EVOLUTION. We thank you. Our country thanks you.

Every penny counts. Please, also help the other delegates I have listed on a post at https://www.facebook.com/bernieonissues/. They are just as important for BERNIE. If you cannot donate, try to organize events in your community to raise funds for them (car washes, small concerts, auctions, etc.). We are all in this UNITED for BERNIE, This Wonderful Country, Democracy Restoration, and the Political R-EVOLUTION! Thanks.

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