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56%! Thank you!
Mise à jour publié par Kim Wood Le Jul 09

Hi everyone - today the fund stands at 56% which is amazing - thank you so much! I have been exchanging emails with Dr Jo Jones and am now able to pay her the first amount of money needed. This means that she can read through all the reports that I am forwarding to her. A picture is emerging of my son's difficulties that indicate a particular approach that is not widely known - luckily Dr Jones is an experienced specialist in the diagnosis of these difficulties, and she can tell us the correct support to put in place for him. We can also pass this information onto the teachers and support staff who will be helping him when he transitions back into school, whether that be a mainstream or specialist school.

It has been brought to my attention that some people without PayPal haven't been able to pay via Visa. If you wish to donate and this has happened to you, please message me and I will send you my personal bank details, then I will pay it into the fund for you. Please also let me know if you wish your name and amount to be hidden on the campaign page.

Love & blessings to all our supporters <3

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