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My name is Petard Stamo and I live in Durres, Albania.

I have been suffering from severe depression for many years and for 15 years I have been taking and continue to be treated with various medications . Recently my condition has deteriorated despite treatment with medications.

Under these circumstances and in consultation with some psychiatrists (MEDICAL REPORT), I have decided to undergo ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) sessions in order to get out of this dark tunnel. ECT treatment is not available in Albania, and therefore In the conditions of Albania my possibilities for healing are non-existent.

For this reason I have contacted a private clinic in Athens (PSYCHIATRIC CLINIC "GALINI" ---- which has agreed to offer me <UPDATE> 10 ECT treatments. For this purpose I have to go to the clinic to undergo tests, examinations, visits and ECT treatments for 20 days. Total cost is 5,000 Eu ( five Thousand Eu).

My economic situation is very difficult and I am not able to afford the ECT treatment economically. This is why I am turning to you with the hope that you will help me with the expenses of the ECT treatment at the clinic in Athens.

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If you don't have the possibility to contribute but you want to help me anyway, then please share this page with as many people as possible

I hope and pray for a positive response from you.

Attached is Medical Report; MEDICAL REPORT

I want to thank all the people who have contributed for their generous support and donations.

I will try to update the amount raised every week.

My parents will cover all the expenses of the travel to Greece and the return (including companionship). This is the maximum they can do.

I want to thank everybody, including those that don't have the possibility for donation but that have in any way read my campaign.

Again thank you for your support!