Help Save Ernest & Rian – Fighting Organized Crimes of Both Anti & Duterte-ally Drug Lords & Their Killing Program

Update posted by Ernest Barraquias On Feb 16, 2019

We hope you have had happy, fulfilling moments with your family last holiday season. We suffered a terrifying ordeal just a few days before Christmas in what we thought would be one of the safest of places in northwestern Mindanao.

We again just suffered a terrifying ordeal. If the most innocent of not a few non-targets of the so-called drugs-war ended up tortured & murdered, a mayor who we sought $9 from for our next day very long travel, & doing that very hesitantly & for the first time only because the assistant of a priest who was not around insisted that we do & personally took us in this mayor's private compound, who instead ordered our outright murder (and in the succeeding hours in the night in a remote town it was later about us being accused and under suspicion of being either criminals or communist rebels in a region where a young missionary doctor was murdered for being accused as a leftist-communist).

(A new site that does not require username and password has been created to clone the one that we required our own username and password to read partly because a key staff of a very close ally of Duterte may have stolen our relevant unencrypted files from a USB drive. It's As to our recent terrifying ordeal, the site is new and the address is

Please don't ever send to any Filipinos, within and outside of the Philippines. The Filipino society is severely corrupt. The media and many NGOs, and many NGO workers are severely corrupt or with ideological and political agendas that can get us further endangered and finally murdered.

The greatest injustice of all, this mayor and family are giving material aids (weapons, cash, favors) to terror-tagged communist rebels if to protect his special interests as a mayor, right to campaign in rebel-held areas (it's illegal under the local laws) in this election season, being anmajor infrastructure contractor, being tagged by the PDEA (like DEA) as drugs-linked in Duterte's drugs network matrices (thus wary of being murdered by anyone using his alleged links to the drug trade as an excuse or justification). This mayor, in large part because his brother is a key intelligence officer of the military, is not only now with good ties to the Duterte political dynasty & their key operatives, he is plausibly benefiting from the massacre of a key drugs personality once linked to him because he is now under the very fold of Duterte who is in a constant courting mode with the police and the military.

Since then, and now, it's plausible we're made somewhat of enemies of the state if to erase the traces of how this mayor victimized us and to stop us from ever telling our story to the world (but we couldn't, in truth). Moreover, they must have (upon our "release") later discovered that we're not pro-Duterte (which means "anti-Duterte" to Duterte's people, and thus fair game to all kinds of further creative & silent oppression and threats), and using that they can ever so much more constrict our choices for mobility & livelihood, that in fact we now feel and in greater fears about...

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Update posted by Ernest Barraquias On Oct 07, 2018

Because I am equating this campaign with our recent months' efforts to beg for tiny amounts of help, that brought me tears, broke my heart and crushed my hopes in not a few instances when those who I / we thought were politics-neutral and pro-right-to-life, pro-right-to-due-process or disapproving of Duterte's extra-judicial killings instead harassed us and caused us to be further endangered. We can't state specifics here, but there were also not a few who helped us in very little ways they could.

Duterte is so lucky, he got the most powerful officials in the West to make personal efforts to appease this mastermind of mass murder because he and his security officials effectively held hostage the special security interests of the West in southeast Asia by deftly playing their China-card.

Liberals in the West also get to be moved to action or to issue statements against him by radicals and local communists who helped Duterte win the presidency, supported his pro-China policies that necessitated his program of killings partly to kill dissent in effect & deter opposition to his radical and unpopular policies and acts (using the so-called war on drugs that we long argued is a murder-for-money-&-political gains scheme). These so-called rights fighters just later raised their voices commensurately loud when Duterte begun to be less accommodating to their special interests and threaten to re-arrest their freed leaders.

Drugs and organized crime lords both with and against Duterte enjoy impunity for heinous crimes here, and enjoy their privileges in the West. We will never be as lucky and as favored because we're simple private citizens.

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