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We all do know about the negative effect that global warming has at our planet and our lives. We all do know as well that it is caused by extremely fast increase of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the atmosphere.

The most ecological way to decrease that volume of CO₂ in the atmospehere is photosynthesis. The principle of it is that a plant abosrbs CO₂ from athomsphere and light from sun through leaves and water (H₂O) through roots which then reacts in the plant resulting in creating sugar (C₆H₁₂O₆) and oxygen O₂.

Although plenty of researchers around the world are working on to replicate the process nobody was successful so far. Now even if we will be able to do that we would need extremely huge amount of water to decrease the amount of CO₂ and would produce another huge amount of O₂ which is not good either. Futhermore our knowledge of the process of extracting CO₂ it self from the atmosphere is limited, energy consuming and inefective. Thatswhy researchers and companies are working on how to lessen the production of CO₂ by improving filters, by getting more energy consuming less fuel and so on.

But that approach was not good enough for us either so we focused on how to decompose the newly produced CO₂ into something else or how to prevent its creation and we have been successful. We found a way how to avoid the production of CO₂ when burning fossil fuels. It is no doubt incredible success but it would be too fantastic if there is no "but" or "a catch". The good thing is that the extract of the process is harmless and non toxic substance. For obvious reasons we will not mention here any details about the process. The less goods thing is that a part of the energy produced by the fossil fuel combustion is needed
for the "CO₂ decomposer" (its what we call it) and another less good is the size of it. And this is why we are here looking for funds. We need to continue and finalize our research on how to be more efficient (to use less energy produced by the combustion for the decomposer to work) and to get a reasonable size of our "CO₂ decomposer" as none of those two conditions are met from our point of view.

The forecast to get the "CO₂ decomposer" ready for mass production (to have it useable in factories, cars, etc.) is whithin 1 or 2 years.


Rewards: Every donator will be given a fair share from future sales profit.


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