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My story

I was born in Croatia on December 10, 2002, during a snowy winter month in the city of Zagreb. My childhood was normal, I had many relatives and a mother who loved me. I loved my father, but he was often gone and I knew nothing about him because he traveled often. Every time he came, no matter how rare it was, we spent time together.

After 1 year, a little cutie was born, my sister Laura. She was born in Split near the village where my dear grandparents and I lived. Like I said, we had a lot of relatives who were very close-knit and got together often and celebrated as a family, we were just happy.

In time, a naughty little girl, Lucia, was born. She was very playful and made white, which is normal for a child. I still remember smearing my teddy bear with honey, leaving it outside (on wasps and bees), Lucia didn't give it to you.

So after a while I don't know how and why, we had to go to my father's homeland - Bulgaria. It was the hardest thing for my mother to say goodbye to her family, with whom she was a minor, but we were small and the worldview did not allow us to understand. I remember many times we listened to a lot of songs and sang. I think that then my father told my mother that "there will be more work in Bulgaria" or something like that. We arrived in winter in my memories with a lot of snow and low temperatures, normal for Ruse. We stayed at the Riga Hotel and lived there for almost a year. Then we found an apartment. I found many friends in this neighborhood and I have memories for a lifetime. Dad was pampering us all the time, there was a drawer with bundles of money and so on. Then he gave us BGN 20 each, a small child does not understand the value of money and that is why we spent it on chips and other harmful foods. I started school and my sister started preschool. Lucia was with her mother. Dad kept traveling. I remember my mother being very fair - as we did white she slapped us, she was smart - she sat down and learned the language quickly for an adult, she was always stylishly dressed and I remember that at my parent-teacher meetings I told her to wear heels again because she was the best mom.

That happiness stopped ... Mom got lung cancer. It all started with the first faint and my mother was arguing, he was just shouting, I don't remember why, but I remember that my grandmother was there too, my mother failed and I remember that I blamed him for all this. Subsequently, my mother continued to faint, I was small but I understood what was in question and secretly read an epicrisis in which it read 2 months of life and my heart stopped ... Dad and mom decided to go to Germany to repay as long as possible Mom's life and let us rejoice. So while they were in Germany, we learned that my grandparents had said that if they did not return, they would send us for adoption. Dad and Mom came back and Mom as far as I remember was very exhausted darling, from all the chemotherapy, painkillers and all sorts of methods to reduce the spread of cancer, but she was then 4th stage ..

And to continue they returned, my mother was in the hospital and we went to see her. But summer came, we were dumb and we didn't realize that there was very little left. This thing follows me to this day ... Mom died ..

Our relatives from Croatia came, told us the news and we couldn't believe it, they thought they were joking ... The hardest moment in my life that I will never forget ...

We haven't stopped crying for weeks, he tactlessly decided to buy us roller skates and take us to the forest. I fell many times, then we went to the movies, I couldn't breathe and we went around the hospitals. It turned out to be nervous and from the combination with the fall. He bought us a laptop again to waste our time with something. Two years passed, he fed us junk food, he was constantly absent and went to drink with drug addicts. We were filling up, complexes were piling up and we didn't see the paternal in it. We later learned that relatives in Croatia had offered to take us, but to separate us, which would have been the best option.

To skip some things and get to the bottom of it, he had a nasty habit of arguing about everything, beating us aimlessly, and saying things like, "I'm going to put you in your mother's grave," "I'm going to get rid of you." etc.

The current self will say: for me this is not a father, this is a person who has problems with himself, his parents, his ego and his vulgarity. We are currently living in misery. He is unemployed, lies to people about money, invents people and makes schemes. He lives like a mold, for me this is not life, at least I want more than life.

And so he found a girlfriend during that time, he was not there, he went there, we didn't see him for days, you let us go as much as we wanted and to do as we wanted. His girlfriend moved into the house as always, everything starts with a smear and then they start talking behind your back (both of them).

Because I was plump and she applied new rules through him.

And I forgot to say that he always promised to buy us better phones and always lied to get away. All my life this man has been taking my money, when we were little we had money boxes and we always took money and lied that he would return it to us or buy things with it ...

So we lived in misery, they took the laptop and I decided to lose weight. I started rowing, but he started to stop me, to justify the time, because he is complex - he always was, always will be ..

I lost weight with a lot of work. He became interested in fitness and bodybuilding, but he also started doing misery there until he made me stop. I started with Laura with a little more knowledge and we bought proteins - they are proteins in the form of powder, because if you find it difficult to get the right amount of protein. So he took them from us, threw them away from us, because his girlfriend always made misery for us ..., told him that they were "harmful", the meat and it is harmful, okay ?!

Laura and I were good students, we received scholarships, he complained I didn't have money and I decided to give him some (my big mistake). Subsequently he took all my money, he didn't give me anything, it became easy for him to take the money because he is a lazy person who just gets up, lies down, plays on the laptop, sleeps, eats and goes to the store. He took our money to this day.

I was very educated in healthy eating and I decided to gain muscle mass, I had to follow a regimen and he, as always, shouts: you don't understand anything, etc.

I took a scholarship, I wanted to get protein, I told him and he shouted give me the money, I know a man, etc. In general, he lied to me. There are many more things. Let's skip to today.

They don't let me go out since February, they don't let me work, I treat the three of us with respect. They don't buy us anything, I will live it, at least if they let me work.

Because they are both above all, they are afraid for themselves and they do not let us get sick and we do not leave the house. He has not yet told her about his son, who is her age, we have promised not to tell him, but if we do, he will beat us again. He is a hunter who lies to everyone, stands out, does everything to take money from you.

!! I may miss some things !!

Because they buy everything for them, clothes, hide food, perfumes, but we get nothing.

I've always been the kid wearing naughty clothes ...

Laura and I, when we wanted to keep our scholarship, always come to a conversation, it's like his crowning number - he calls us, tells us everything possible to make us feel bad, whatever you tell him will do you no good. He bleeds my nose many times during these conversations, I walked alone from school and we are 13 km from the village. And his words to us because we want to buy something, because they only spend it on nasty fried food, etc. were: "if you had died in your mother" "I will send you to the social" "you are nothing to me", deliberately upset and give him the money. His girlfriend has two faces, she pretends to be nice, but when they are both, they fuck us.

He is constantly making fun of me behind my back .. It's the same for Lucia and Laura ..

I want some things for my sisters and me to be well - to be able to live your life, but also to take care of ourselves, to eat healthily, to become a doctor, but these things will not become a reality while we live with them.

Because I want to start courses, he, as always, even lied to me about work, when I find him he shouts wait and then he looks for an excuse for everything and everything. So for courses he calls first, "you'll start on the 15th", he didn't let me go, then told me further, but today I found out that he was annoyed and told me how he was going to kick me out because I wanted to stop the car not in front of the school to I was leading with friends in a mask, he had said "my friend's son started courses at 19" and his girlfriend fucked me instead of protecting me. He lives in a fictional world, he thinks we live well, now his girlfriend is expecting a child from him, which I do not recognize. Because I will not forgive everything I have experienced. He doesn't understand that we are no longer children and he will be fine and we will take care of ourselves, but they don't care, they don't want them to get sick, that's why we suffer. The 3 of us can't live like that anymore, unfortunately we are FUCKED, we have no one to go to, we have no relatives to share money with, we don't go out with anyone and just nothing.


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