CASAR Park Community Motor Sport Facility

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Wish you all the best for this project. This is worth much more than just potential dollars for the region. Go to any region with a facility like this & they benefit in ways they hadn't even thought of.


Backed with $60.00 On Sep 30, 2013


Mick Cowling

Backed On Sep 30, 2013 Amount Hidden


The Committee at Porsche Club NSW are delighted to support this initiative. We are a keen motorsport club and user of motorsport facilities. A facility in the Hunter will provide great benefits to the community and to motoring enthusiasts.

Porsche Club NSW Inc

Backed with $500.00 On Sep 29, 2013


People who are interested or involved in club level motorsport have to support this. It is a facility that is desperately needed in NSW. With the states population increasing and motorsport gaining popularity, the two fulltime operating tracks we have in NSW are booked to full capacity. Also, the location of this track is perfect for the large number of motorsport enthusiasts based in the northern areas of NSW. 'Build it and they will come'.


Backed with $60.00 On Sep 29, 2013


Awesome work Team, Finally we will have a place to enjoy our sport without being branded Hoons. No longer will I have to travel hours to indulge in Motorsport and my photography hoby. This venue will attract not just racers but so many subcultures of Motorsport. I am sure this will do great things for our local economy as well as keeping uneducated and inexperienced drivers from illegally racing on public streets. I applaud your vision and hope that the goal is not too far from fruition.

Michael Dickson

Backed with $60.00 On Sep 29, 2013


Looking forward to a great facility!

Warren Lawlor

Backed with $60.00 On Sep 28, 2013


Kylie Blowers

Backed On Sep 28, 2013 Amount Hidden


We have all seen (too many)circuits close over the years, it would be nice to see one open. After all it doesn't matter if you are into cars or bikes, tarmac or gravel events we all need venues to test at or (hopefully)compete at. So come on all you old buggers time to put some money up.... you know who you are :-)

Keith Brooke

Backed with $30.00 On Sep 27, 2013


Would be great to have facilities for people to not only develop better driving skills but have fun with their vehicles in the right environment.

Engineered Performance Components

Backed with $60.00 On Sep 27, 2013



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