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Hi !

Im Zenaida V. Pindos,

Hoping I can seek some aid/financial support, during this trying hours, I've been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, (HR+HER2+) Stage IV with Liver and Lung Metastases ; Empyema Thoracis (Pneumonia), s/p JP Drain Insertion, and currently undergoing (Phesgo) Targeted Therapy Treatment every 3rd week of the month for 18 sessions of Php 105,000.00 (USD 1,848) per session. As you can imagine, this has been a challenging moment for our family, both physically, emotionally and financially. In this connection, we are asking for your support in any way you can extend. But if, somehow, you are able to make a financial contribution, we would greatly appreciate it. Any amount, no matter how small, we count it big and will surely cover up the costs of medical bills and treatment expenses. If you are unable to contribute financially, we would still appreciate your support by sharing this message to your own network of friends and other charity organizations.

Thank you for the time to read this message, and for considering to support in my Treatment journey. Your kindness and generosity are again highly appreciated.

May God grant all the blessings due to you.



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Aug 29

Medical & Healing

Update posted by Zenaida Pindos at 10:24 am

Breast Cancer Journey

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raised of $119,253.56 goal
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