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Why Pay a Fee to Fundraise Online?

On our site it’s free to start your fundraiser and we only charge the small fee of 4% on the total funds raised. This is automatically deducted through your chosen payment service provider (PayPal or Stripe) as each donation comes in so you can be confident that the money in your account is all yours […]

Mar 6, 2013 Financial assistance
Sandip Sekhon
GoGetFunding Founder

On our site it’s free to start your fundraiser and we only charge the small fee of 4% on the total funds raised. This is automatically deducted through your chosen payment service provider (PayPal or Stripe) as each donation comes in so you can be confident that the money in your account is all yours – there are no bills to worry about.


Sometimes we get asked the excellent question of why one should pay this fee when they can get donors to donate directly.


This is a question that we love to elaborate on so we put together this blog post on why we our fee is more than worth it:



Optimized Fundraising Pages


Our fundraising pages are engineered and optimized to encourage more donations from more people. By ‘optimized’ we mean that we’ve tested our fundraising pages with different elements such as changing colors, button sizes, text, etc to see exactly what generates more donations. And although some of these changes may seem minor and even trivial, they can have a dramatic effect on whether someone chooses to donate or not.


For example, when we changed the wording ‘Back This Project’ with the sub-heading of  ‘and learn more about the rewards’ on donation buttons to  ‘Donate Now’ with the sub-heading of ‘Just $1 Minimum Donation’. This immediately led to an average of 6% more donations. That’s you raising 6% more just because of the wording on our pages.


Great Fundraising Features


We have a ton of features that help you spread the word, engage with donors and manage your campaign.


For example, your campaign is easily shareable via the prominent share buttons on your page and through your personal dashboard. Furthermore, once a donation is made donors will see a pop-up encouraging them to be even more awesome and share your page on social networks or via email. The cumulative effect of this can be huge.


Donors also have the opportunity to subscribe to emails related to your campaign, they can embed a widget of your fundraiser into their own website or blog, they get a mention on the ‘Progress’ tab if they share your campaign, and more. All of this ensures that your supporters remain engaged, involved and help to further build your network of donors.


In terms of managing your campaign, you can recruit the help of anyone you wish to be part of your campaign team, with each having their own role to do. You can  download all the details of those that have donated, interact with donors in your comments section and provide updates. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, we even have the option for you to send out automated thank you emails that you can tailor yourself. Or what about a personal message of thanks when they donate? All these tools and more are there to help make your campaign a real interactive, social event.

The prominent fundraising timer is also a great feature. Timed campaigns create urgency amongst donors and they’re able to see the immediate impact they’ve made as your fundraising thermometer increases. On the other hand, if you’d like to collect donations on an ongoing basis without a timer you can enable that too.


That touches on just a handful of our features and in our successful fundraiser section you can see how others have taken advantage of this to meet or exceed their goals!



The Ability to Go Viral


Thanks to social networks, it’s possible for remarkable causes to quickly spread across the Internet and receive a ton of attention and donations from complete strangers. The crowdfunding structure of our website allows people to discover worthy causes and spread the word unlike a closed-ended fundraising website (although you still to have the option to run a private campaign). Furthermore, rest-assured that if your campaign does go viral we can handle the traffic and be our personal fundraising coaches will be there to help you manage any media interest.


And unlike a PayPal donate button that few people would share, our meticulously crafted fundraising pages make it easy for others to spread the word – our statistical tests prove that too.



A little more on our fee


Our website fee is 4% and PayPal and Stripe charge an average of 2.9% + 0.30 cents for US fundraisers (lower if you have a non-profit account or already receive a high volume of payments into your account). That brings our total fee to a competitive 6.9%.


It’s worth noting that our fee is lower than almost all of our competitors. Our largest competitor charges a staggering 12% (that’s excluding wire transfer fees) if you don’t meet your fundraising target. The average fundraising website fee is 7.9%. If you want to compare us to other crowdfunding sites click on this link and go to the sub-heading ‘what makes GoGetFunding different?’


The revenue we generate helps us host and maintain our website, invest in developing better fundraising features, provide (great!) customer support and make a profit.


I hope that helps to explain our charges but don’t just take our word for it, we’re regularly told by fundraisers that our fee was more than worth it. Here are a few recent reviews that really make us smile:


“It has truly been an incredibly humbling experience to see friends, acquaintances, and even complete strangers come forth in such an amazing show of support. I have the absolute greatest system of friends and family who insisted upon doing this, and I wasn’t about to get in their way!  I cannot believe how generous people are…. PLEASE feel free to brag about the fact that YOU (And the rest of the crew at GoGetFunding) first-handedly made a life-changing difference for me. I don’t know where I’d be or what I would do without people like you. :)”

Carmen Roth – Raised $6,654 for a handicap accessible vehicle



“Tsering actually enrolled Tashi in school just today. 🙂  And still the pledges keep coming in!  I’m blown away.  Even though we’ve already surpassed the $10k mark, I continue to get donations for annual sponsorship.  Amazing.“”

Angella – Raised $10,778 for tuition fees



What a wonderful website, I had no idea it existed until yesterday morning. I set up a page for my dog Nibbler around lunch and told my girlfriend that if one person donated one dollar, I would consider it a success.

I made a point to mention we need exactly $500 in the video and in the description for the lawyers. These people are so generous… My girlfriend and I woke up this morning and checked the website and we were brought to tears to see that, not only did we meet our goal, but surpassed it. We had no idea this would happen!””

G. Paul – Raised $631 for lawyer fees



“”We were nervous at starting a fundraiser but Go Get Funding made it so easy. We were accepting donations within 20 minutes!

Our baby would not be here without Go Get Funding and what they helped us to do. Their pages do everything possible to encourage donations and my partner and I couldn’t be happier“”

Jasmine Long – Raised $7,500 for IVF medical treatment



“”I’ve used other fundraising / crowdfunding sites and this is by far the best. Great support and overall fundraising experience.

I recommend it to all – whether you’re pursuing a business venture, creative project or something else – it just works.””

Gurpreet Sharma – Raised $2,555 for business costs 



“Not only did we exceed our target but we also got donations from people that found us here. I highly recommend to all.”

Laura Arlington – Raised $1,400 for a new book launch    



“”Fundraising with GoGetFunding was really easy.  The step-by-step process to get your page set-up couldn’t be simpler.  All you need to do is decide how much you want/need to raise, write up your story and add a few pictures.  The money is collected via PayPal, and the person donating doesn’t even need a PayPal account.


Even after I reached my goal, people continued to donate, which is a great option you can set up on your GoGetFunding page””

Suzanne Finn Raised $1,164 for a volunteer trip



Ready to raise more money from more people online? Start your fundraiser now!


Visit GoGetFunding & Start Your Own Campaign >

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