10 Things That Proved 2016 Was Great For Crowdfunding!

As we stride well into January and 2017, we look at 10 things that made 2016 a great year for crowdfunding with GoGetFunding.  It was really hard narrowing it down to just ten, but we really think these ten showed what is making crowdfunding such a special way to raise funds. And so, in no particular order, here are our top 10 memorable moments:

1.  Boots Without Borders

Boots without Borders really stood out as a fundraising campaign, not only because of the incredible campaign that it was, but because the organisers went the extra mile to show donors exactly where there money went by creating this video – a great way to make your donors feel valued and increase your campaign’s trustworthiness:


2.   Care4Calais

Care4Calais was another refugee-centred campaign that achieved extraordinary things in 2016. It was one of the first campaigns to take advantage of a newly introduced option to enable recurring donations (currently only available in Europe). This has allowed them to raise more than collect more than £187,000 worth of donations effortlessly, from over 2.5k donors!


3. Nina’s Christmas Wish

This amazing campaign, was one that truly captured the hearts of the public. It went viral… and then some! More than seven thousand donors wanted to help Nina get her Christmas wish. The story was shared in numerous national papers such as the Bucks Herald, the mirror, the Sun and news outlets such as Fox News and was eventually stopped by Nina’s husband when it surpassed it’s target of £100,000. Sadly, Nina died just a few days before Christmas.


4. Help Premature Baby Tue Minh for Medical Costs in KK Hospital

Another campaign that went viral was Help Premature Baby Tue Minh for Medical Costs in KK Hospital. The response to this campaign was fantastic, and soon Baby Tue Minh (thanks to over 1300 donors donating SG$96,261.00) was well on the road to good health. In fact the family decided to stop the campaign early as Tue Minh was doing so well!


5. We Need Your Help Saving Sloane

We Need Your Help Saving Sloane, was a heartbreaking little campaign from regular fundraisers on our site – Rugaz Rescue Inc. Check out the video to see how she looked when she was rescued, and then take a look at the updates on this campaign to see how great Sloane is looking these days – all thanks to Rugaz Rescue Inc and 268 donors!


6. We introduced our Newsletter!

We’ve been meaning to do it for so long, but in November 2016 we finally got around to doing it!

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It’s packed with the latest news, tools and features we’ve introduced (or are coming soon). We also highlight which campaigns are getting it right, and providing tips to keep your campaign on track.




7. We introduced our French language Platform

We were delighted to launch our French language platform this year, and the response has been truly heartwarming. This site is 100% French and the support staff who are on hand to guide and welcome new fundraisers to our site are fluent French speaking.



8. Two New Advisors Join GoGetFunding

In the Summer, Amanda and Marcel joined our Customer Support Team as Fundraising Coaches. Both are experienced multi-lingual support staff and have been a wonderful addition to the services and features we are able to offer our users – particularly as we are serving more countries than ever before!


9. Streatham Wine House

If you’ve ever questioned the benefit of offering rewards to your donors, Streatham Wine House are a shining example of why you should try it! They made fantastic use of the rewards feature on their campaign. In fact, one of their rewards even sold out! 77 of the 91 donors opted for a reward for their donation proving how effective this tool can be at convincing donors to donate!


10. Mother’s Day Matching Fundraiser

Here is another regular fundraiser Chainedinc Inc. They have truly nailed how to maximise donations by choosing a special date for donations and enlisting the kind support of their donation-matching friend Mr Feline, who agreed to match every donation, doubling their $3500 funds to a whopping $7000!


If you have a dream, goal or wish for 2017, perhaps crowdfunding could be the start of something special for you, too. Why not give it a try? You never know what might happen!


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Author: Sandip Sekhon

The founder and CEO of GoGetFunding. He graduated from University of Westminster and also holds an MSc from Cass Business School. Sandip is an avid martial artist and an absolute tech geek!

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