Updates on Ginhawa Foundation. Your 1 PHP Peso (USD 0.0021) Goes A Long Way

Update posted by Jeymar Daguplo On Apr 30, 2021

I have a habit of setting aside the new released PH coins since I still sometimes get confused distinguishing which coin is which since they have almost the same sizes and color. Since these coins are just stored away, I'll use this as a starting Funds for the Ginhawa Foundation Fundraising. Just 1 peso is enough from your spare coins or if you found coins on the streets (cents, peso) I'd gladly receive that so we can raise funds.

Thanks and keep safe always.

p.s. If you have questions how the funds are going to be distributed, I'll explain the process on the Youtube Channel I just made. No need to Subscribe or Like the video, I'm not making one to monetize, just wanna upload videos there on the updates and progress of our fundraising.

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