Updates on Immediate Appendectomy for JM

Update posted by Jennelyn Clidoro On Sep 23, 2020

My brother was discharged yesterday afternoon (September 22) even if his 2nd swab test result is not yet given. Since he is still young and no symptoms of COVID, home quarantine is suitable to us as advised by his doctor. We will need to adhere to 14 days home quarantine period so it will be also safe for my family and children living in our house. We will go back here probably next week for a follow-up. We are still waiting and hoping for a negative swab test result soon.

We are very grateful because our hospital's expenses were covered by social services and Philhealth. Special thanks to my Tita Cess who assisted us for our Philheath need.

Thank you God for continuously looking after us.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

God Bless Everyone.

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Update posted by Jennelyn Clidoro On Sep 17, 2020

I can't take my eyes off with my brother because even if the surgery was over, the continuous fever never left him. I have to stay awake, wipe his body with a wet cloth, and monitor his temperature. I can't feel tired nor exhausted because I have to be strongest for my family and for my brother. I know that I am just human and imperfect in so many ways.

I also fear for our lives, knowing that we are in a place where all possibilities can happen...the bed of my brother is just near a TB (tuberculosis) patient. *sigh*

He can sit uncomfortably now but still feeling dizzy. His doctor said that he needs to try to sit, walk, and be able to pee in the toilet. He also needs to expel gas from his digestive tract. If this will not happen, his intestine might be in trouble and another surgery might happen.

We are still waiting for his second swab test result. I'm really praying that it will turn negative this time.

All I ever want is for us to get out here alive.

I want to see my children and my family...hug them and tell them it's over...and we are able to get through it with the presence of God and all this works through different people helping us.

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Update posted by Jennelyn Clidoro On Sep 16, 2020

My brother is now in the ward and continuously recovering. I've decided to join him in the ward as I need to personally attend to all his needs. Only a handful of nurses are in this area and I know they cannot attend to each patient right away. I have my face shield, face mask, alcohol, kapote, and safety hand/foot wears with me.

Please also pray for me so I can be negative with COVID all the time while I'm here with my brother. I am mostly thinking of my children I love.

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Update posted by Jennelyn Clidoro On Sep 16, 2020

JM was scheduled for an appendectomy, September 15 and we all prayed so he can survive this greatest challenge. The doctor explained that he was injected with anesthesia on his spine so they could numb from lower extremities up to the chest. He was positioned in his side and awake while surgery is ongoing.

He was brought in the operating room around 5:58 pm and at around 7:37 pm, the surgery was over and he was brought to the recovery room under observation. The doctor advised me to wait until his anesthesia subsided. Around 1 am (September 16) he might be brought to the ward if he can already move his legs. They also did a swab test so they can check the status of COVID too. We have to wait a maximum of 14 days for the latter result.

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