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Update posted by Seleccion Sub20 Ultimate Femenino On Feb 10, 2020

We are Under 20 Women's team from Panamá, formed by girls from different parts of our country. We have been accepted to participate in

World Juniors Ultimate Championship in Sweden in 2020 but need your help to pay for all the expenses.

Our team is formed by a diverse group of girls and some of them have very limited resources, but despite of this, they deserve to be part of this excellent experience which can help to improve their environment and generate positive changes in our society through promoting sports.

We need funds to pay for transportation, lodging and food which will need to be paid by May 2020. Help us become the first National Junior team from Panamá to participate in World Juniors Championships!

In exchange, we promise to put all our effort and heart to get as far as possible and to promote Ultimate so that more Panamanians could fulfill their dreams through our beloved sport!

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