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Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Sep 09, 2020

Hello! This is Lenie Rose. I recently celebrated my birthday and I want to share my joy!


27 years old. Bald and scarred, but beautiful and blessed. Forgiven and favored. Loved and saved. Thank You Jesus!

Looking back, I wanted to bloom but I had to be rooted. I wanted to branch out but I had to be pruned.

Now, I am transforming in perspectives, priorities, and pursuits.

Sometimes, I doubt how much faith I have, but I learned that what matters is how far my faith will take me. Hence, I am encouraged to keep moving forward, from faith to faith, grace to grace, and glory to glory.

And by God's grace, my latest PET CT scan shows that I am still in remission. There is no cancer activity in my body!

May God be glorified in my life!


Thank you for your continuous support and prayers!


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Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Jul 29, 2020

My courageous sister finally underwent stem cell transplant last May. It took a while before we are able to give this update since my sister is still recovering from the procedure as of the moment. Her doctor informed us that the first 100 days after transplant is crucial for her healing.

Thank you for your generosity in prayers and resources. Below is an update from my sister early this month.


"Day 100 is a milestone that many stem cell transplant recipients circle boldly on their calendars as the turning point in their recovery. That's when the greatest risk for critical side effects is past and when the stem cells have engrafted and begun making new blood cells." -MD Anderson Cancer Center

I may not be out of the woods yet but today, I am halfway through this milestone. And, as I mark my Day 50, I am sharing some clips I managed to take during my month long hospitalization.


YT Link: https://youtu.be/WBxPFLHrmqI

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Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Apr 17, 2020


It means that there is no cancer activity and the remaining tumors are stable in size.

Finally. After 2 years of various treatments. Praise Jesus! 🙌🏻

I am now qualified for a stem cell transplant, which we hope would keep me in remission for many, many years.

With the quarantine situation, it is financially and logistically more challenging. The transplant costs a whooping 2 million pesos and I'm scheduled next month, mid-May.

If you have information on where and how to get funding, contact me. 🤗

You can support and share this fundraiser. Or, directly deposit to my bank accounts:


BPI Savings Account #9329158303

BDO Savings Account #006350105841

I am humbled and grateful to all of you.

I also ask you to continue to cover me and my family, especially my sister who will be my stem cell donor, with prayers.

Transplant is daunting. Plus, we are in the middle of a pandemic! Losing my hair again is probably just the easy part.

But I only have to remember Him who gave me miracles, who lead me to victories. He was with me. He is with me. And, He will be with me. ☝🏻

With hope,

Lenie 🌹

More of my cancer journey at http://lenierose.com

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Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Mar 07, 2020

This is Lenie Rose. I am writing this update to personally thank all of you who have been supporting me.

The result of my scan last November 2019, which is the previous update in this fundraiser, was unfortunately unfavorable. It showed disease progression on my mediastinum, lungs, kidneys, and aorta. I was not qualified for transplant.

Last December 2019, I started my fourth treatment protocol: 1 intravenous drug, Keytruda, and 2 oral drugs, Ibrutinib and Venetoclax. This costs around Php 600, 000 a month.

I have since recovered from sepsis/bacteremia and underwent ureteral stent replacement.

After 4 infusions of Keytruda, last March 3, I had another PET CT. And, hallelujah! It showed that I responded well to my current treatment protocol, even beyond my oncologist’s expectations.

I need a few more Keytruda infusions and another PET CT next month. Then, I will undergo allogeneic stem cell transplant, which costs around Php 2 million. My donor will be my sister, Caroline, who made this fundraiser.

I humbly ask for your continuing support in this fundraiser.

For those in Cagayan de Oro and Manila, Philippines, you may also support Faith Mugs by Lenie Rose at https://www.facebook.com/faithmugsbylenierose and https://www.instagram.com/faithmugsbylenierose/.

With hope and gratitude,

Lenie 🌹

More of my cancer journey at http://lenierose.com

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Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Nov 22, 2019

Our warrior greets everyone a happy Friday! ✨

She just finished her mid-treatment PET CT scan today and is currently resting at home. With two cycles down and an everyday dose of oral chemo, we are hoping that the scan will show results of complete remission so she can proceed with the Stem Cell Transplant before this year ends.

We are confident that the Lord will not leave us during this difficult time but we would greatly appreciate if you can pray for Ate Lenie and for us.

Personally, the misdiagnosis and two failed treatment has made me anxious every time my sister needs to get a scan or see a doctor. I am able to manage it but it doesn't mean it goes away. And I know my sister, my parents, and my brother also experience a form of anxiety. It's really not helpful for our situation but it's something we have to deal with; and we deal with it through prayers. Prayers of faith and hope keep us on our toes. So thank you in advance for praying for our family. You remind us of the peace and rest we find in the Lord.

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Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Oct 15, 2019

After three weeks of confinement, Ate Lenie was finally discharged last Sunday (October 13, 2019)! Within that period, she had her stem cell harvested in preparation for the transplant and she finished the first cycle of her current treatment protocol.

Thank you for your support, prayers and well-wishes! Ate Len is now resting at home and awaiting the delivery of the oral drug (Ibrutinib) she needs to take starting this week, before her second cycle on October 25.

The doctors have also informed us that they will not wait for Ate Len to finish 6 cycles of her current treatment (Obinutuzumab and Bendamustine). If her mid-treatment scan would show no cancer activity, she will immediately undergo Stem Cell Transplant.

We honestly don't know what the Lord has in store for us in the next few weeks but we continue to put our faiths and hope in Him. We know that He will provide for us.

We will rise from this.

We are victorious.

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