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Update posted by CHAITANYA CHALLA On Oct 04, 2019

Dear Friends, brothers, sisters,

I am the one middle class person to taking care of my parents wife and sister, After few years my sister marriage fixed but i don't have sufficient money to marriage her and i doing job but my salary was going to house rent and home needs etc., no money kept to do my sister marriage my humble request that please support my sister marriage. I have shy feeling to ask you but i tried my better in all ways banks also not giving loans, friends have no money all are poor friends with me. I hope you understood my situation please help me.

Please support at-least $10 from one person then it will help to me. Please click below pic and donate at-least $10 to me.

Please help me don't ignore now you all are my gods. If you want to pay paypal account below link: paypal.me/chaitanya5759


Dear Gods, Please help me. now donors are my gods


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