Updates on Indonesia’s Agricultural Successor Development

Update posted by Akira Nishimura On Oct 05, 2019

On September 30, 2019, we agreed with Indonesian educational NGO "The Learning Farm" to participate and cooperate in the farm succession training project.

The Learning Farm (TLF) is an NGO that provides education and technology acquisition opportunities for young people who have been forced to live in poor environments such as street life due to poverty, family problems, religion, crime, illness, etc. is.

The Learning Farm

TLF is located on a plateau of 1,100m in Cianjur, West Java.

About 60 people live in the dormitory. A 100-day basic course is implemented for organic agriculture, English, computers, life skills, and other educational programs. There is also an advanced course for deep understanding of organic farming.

In 2.5 hectares of farmland (fields), farming training is also conducted and all vegetables are grown organically.

Yao Pagi handed a seed of a fixed species, a cultivation manual in Indonesian language, entrust a tractor, vegetable washing machine, threshing machine, etc., and use it for TLF vegetable production free of charge.

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