Updates on Arvin Longno: THE FIGHT of the whole family

Update posted by Yrvin Von Longno On May 08, 2019



I'm sorry for this inconvenience but paypal permanently limited my account which resulted for my account to be frozen, meaning, I could not withdraw from Paypal for the next 180 days. I am already coordinating this matter with the website and Paypal. As of the moment please refer to my past update dated April 30, 2019.


As you guys have read in my past update, the recommendation was to transfer to a different hospital for the operation and install the shunt in his head. And so we did...

We already transferred to another hospital that operates these kinds of cases. Last May 3 at 12nn, we had the go signal that there is an available ICU in the hospital that we are about to transfer in. We processed everything - from all of the paper works and the bill. Unsurprisingly, our bill reach roughly 1.1 Million pesos. That is for the whole month that my father was admitted there. He was there for a complete month from April 3 to May 3. Imagine how time flew. As expected we were not able to pay the full amount. We still lack Php 70,000++. Since he can't be discharged without settling the amount, we made a promissory note for the sake of discharge and for the operation in the other hospital. We were able to transfer him around 10pm already last May 3.

We had a setback when we are already in the new hospital. The shunt itself is very hard to find that's why the operation got pushed back a couple of days. We called everyone. From the medical equipment stores in Iloilo City and to all the medical supplies stores in Manila. But, there was really none. To add to that, we were advised that the surgery would cost Php 250,000 excluding the amount of the shunt which is around Php 18,000 to Php 20,000. Our minds went berserk. Where in the world can we get that amount after the 1.1M bill from the hospital before?

The doctors also helped in looking for the quickest way to get a hold of that shunt. My mother then talked to the surgeons if the amount for the operation can be in installments and they agreed. We were thankful because they understood. His doctors finally found the shunt and set the date for the operation - May 8.

The operation was administered this morning, around 9:40am. It took roughly 3-4 hours. Per his anesthesiologist, my father's response to the operation was somehow positive since they can tell that my father can still feel pain when they injected on him, which is a good sign. He was also stable and they were able to drain the fluid from his brain and decreased the pressure. His reflexes so far also increased and according to my sister, it seems that he is already awake because he already blinks normally.

All of these happened because of you guys who, without any hesitation, supported his cause. Of course, nothing will be possible if not because of HIM who watches over us all the time. I know HE sent his Angels through all of you who helped us in any way, and for that we are forever grateful. We truly are.

I will keep you updated if there are significant advances in my father's condition. This has been one heck of a ride for us all. Let's all take care of our health and pray, pray, pray. God bless you all.

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Update posted by Yrvin Von Longno On Apr 29, 2019

First things first:

Sorry that some of you are having a bit of trouble donating in this site. We tried to monitor the issue but it seems that it is an isolated case to some of the donors. In view of this, we would appreciate if you rather have it transferred to the bank accounts below:

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Acc Name: Yrvin Von Longno

Acc Number: 923 947 6926


Acc name: Yrvin Von Longno

Acc Number 821 376 296 9131

Banco De Oro (BDO)

Acc Name: Ma. Yvette T. Longno

Acc Number: 0041 6023 4839

We thank you for your help. Rest assured that all of your donations are put into this fight because this is no longer just our family’s fight, this is already the fight of everyone for my father - that includes you, yes, you who are reading, sharing and spreading this. We are truly grateful for types of help that you have done. Our efforts will definitely shine a brighter sun for my father.


Significant progress keeps our faith strong. HE IS AWAKE GUYS. This is the best news so far. Although he is still unable to speak, and only minimal movements are seen like some reflexes on his arms, feet, and blinking of the eyes, it is still the best sign that our fight resulted to some tiny mincing steps to his recovery.

Another CT Scan was administered to him but the doctors found out that his skull is already full of cerebrospinal fluid and because of this, they could no longer confirm if the swelling has improved or worsen. They told us that it is Hydrocephalus. A recommendation was relayed that it is better to have an operation to lessen the fluid because the progress that my father shows is significant already and they say that there is a big chance that the installation of a shunt to his head would somehow improve his state. Unfortunately, the current hospital that he is in does not do this type of operation and if we agree to this arrangement, he must be transferred to another hospital. We hold our breaths in these moments since the danger that is on the table when any operation is done to the brain is high. But then again, what else are there to choose from?

We are currently talking within ourselves if the risk is worth to take not to mention the amount of money needed for this endeavor. Regardless of these factors, we will push through with any possible ways to make him better.

Thank you so much for all of you who are reaching out. We may not be able to reply immediately, please do know that we are more than grateful for everyone. We will keep you posted for the updates soon. =)


Thank you so much Mike for your kind words and for sharing your experience. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I’m sure he is in a better place now. Life goes on Mike. We have no choice but to face everything that life throws at us head on. Good luck to you too mate. Have the best one =D

Yrvin Von Longno

Update posted by May 08


I’m happy to hear your father is doing better and have his eyes open and that hes reactive. a life is worth any risk and money. don’t even doubt about it.. unless your dad is in such a horrible pain...that hes no longer able to hold it... then its an other issue.. but if that’s not the case.. go for it and let him get the surgery. I lost my dad back in 2002 when he was just 57. even I were 38 its still to you young... and i would have done everything to keep him with me.... You only have 2 parents... and try top keep them with you as long as possible... because later you will regret you did not. Good luck Mike

Mike stander

Update posted by Apr 29

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