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Update posted by Lilia Pedejero On Apr 11, 2019

Hi. I am here in behalf of my sister. She is diagnosed of congenital heart disease and recommended for heart operation. (I am not sure of medical term but there's a hole in her heart that affects her breathing). We had been sending her to Philippine Heart Center for 3 years already (since July 2016). She had undergo lot of tests and body clearances (because as per them is needed). Now finally she has queue number for operation. Yesterday, April 10, 2019, she is number 55 on queue for operation. As per Philippine Heart Center that will be in 2 to 3 months. Therefore, we need the fund by that time.

My sister is the 4th our of 5 siblings. I am the third. I am the only one who has stable work (which earns an average salary monthly). So I am the only one who support in all her expenses. We live in Samar so every time she has schedule in Heart Center, I have to send her from and to Samar and Heart Center. This is the situation for almost 3 years now.

For her operation, it would be better if somebody could just sponsor it.

However I know it will be hard to find someone who is generous enough, so a collective little help would do.

I attach here doctor's report when we started this for her.

Me and my sister would be very grateful for whatever help you would possibly extend.

Thank you so much.


My sister is back to Samar and will come back to Manila (Philippine Heart Center) by June. We are not sure if by that time she'll be called for operation but her main purpose is to process the documents renewal so that she could still avail the 75% off from social welfare services of the government.


Thanks to those who have donated so far... I am hoping that all who could read this will have soft golden heart to help us through with this. 1 peso, 10 pesos, or 100 pesos is a big help already. Thank you so much...

Lilia Pedejero

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