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Update posted by Raymond Fellows On Mar 29, 2019

The Board of PAWS is thrilled and delighted to announce that the final building permission for our new shelter in Marathi has been granted and construction work will commence in early April. Now our dream of many years can truly become a reality and our stray dogs and cats can have the accomodation they so need and so deserve.

All contributions towards the construction costs will be gratefully accepted.

Many thank to all those who have contributed so far and to those who will do so in future. 🤗❤️🐕🐈

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Update posted by Raymond Fellows On Jan 21, 2019

While rain is a blessing for the island, it's more of a curse for the animals and the volunteers in Tripiti.
The photos were taken yesterday after a rainy week.
It's really urgent to move to a proper shelter!!

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Update posted by Raymond Fellows On Jan 17, 2019

Material and labor costs to build the PAWS shelter

Total cost of project:

  • Bulldozer and ground works: 8.000,00 euros
  • Living accommodation, office and Storage: 27.535,41 euros
  • Kennel Construction: 42.337,85 euros
  • Services conduit installation: 7.500,00 euros
  • Electricity and water installation: 10.00,000 euros
  • Septic Tank: 2.000,00 euros
  • Taxes / IKA (30% labor costs) etc.: 2,672,65 euros
  • Road: 15.382,50 euros
  • Cattery: 3.000,00 euros
  • Run area fencing and gates: 3.150,00 euros
  • Permissions: 12.887,05 euros

TOTAL PROJECT COST: 134.465,46 euros


  • Έργα Υποδομης: 8.000,00 euros
  • Κατοικίες, Γραφείο και Αποθήκη: 27.535,41 euros
  • Κατασκευή κλουβιών: 42.337,85 euros
  • Αποχετευτικό δίκτυο: 7.500,00 euros
  • Ηλεκτρικές και Υδραυλικές Εγκαταστάσεις: 10.000,00 euros
  • Σηπτικός Βόθρος: 2.000,00 euros
  • Φόροι/ΙΚΑ (30% επί του Κόστους Εργασιών): 2,672,65 euros
  • Δρόμος: 15.382,50 ευρώ
  • Χώρος φροντίδας για γάτες : 3.000,00 ευρώ
  • Περιφράξεις και πύλες: 3.150,00 ευρώ
  • Άδειες: 12.887,05 ευρώ

ΣΥΝΟΛΙΚΌ ΚΟΣΤΟΣ ΕΡΓΟΥ: 134.465,46 euros

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