Updates on Eye Operation For my cat

Update posted by Corazon baro On Jul 27, 2018

Today the surviving kitty grows stronger while misty's right eye is not swollen anymore and ready for her operation on Aug 6 please open your hearts and donate a little for the operation and little mitzi needs thank you and God bless

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Update posted by Corazon baro On Jul 19, 2018

Today i lost 3 kittens it hurts to lost 3 of them my big mistake is to leave them for a while for work when i went back home 2 of them are cold not responding while the other one is crying in pain trying to keep him warm but....i just cant.....it really hurts inside i just wish i did not go for work mybe..just mybe they all be ok.

UPDATE 7/21/18

2kittens have pass away... i tried everything i can to help them but i guess gods have more plans for them.. run free little ones


1 kitten has join and the last remaining kitty i named her Mitzi shes the sole survivor 6 out 1 shes survived ....

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