Updates on “ANN” – new album Ex Libris (ft. Dianne v Giersbergen)

Update posted by Ex Libris On Jun 21, 2018

Recently we asked you what kind of perk you were still missing, to which the majority anwered: a signed band photo or poster. So! We've deceided to give you something in between but with double the worth!

Ladies and Gentlemen we would like to present you to the past and present of Ex Libris!! A photo containing the most important members from the past and of course all members from the present.

The perk will contain a high level print of the photo in 30cm by 20cm ánd... signed by all featured musicians! Package price: €10,= excl 1x shipment. Click here to surf to the perk's check-out page.

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Update posted by Ex Libris On Jun 20, 2018

We're 2,5 weeks in with our crowdfunding campaign and at +37% of our goal! That's amazing! So... let us treat you to unveiling the song title of the second song of "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn": "The Miscarriage"

"The Miscarriage", a mindblowing power balled, a song for which you really have to sit down and just let it just roll over you like a thunderstorm, because with the vocal statement that Dianne makes in this song - it surely will!"

Now obviously we understand that you would also like to know what this song will sound like! We get that! We've just listened to the current mix of the song ourselves so let us say it again: 'we get that!!'.

Okay enough teasing! Tune in this Sunday and we'll treat you to a 30sec preview of "The Miscarriage"!

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Update posted by Ex Libris On Jun 16, 2018

You might have heard from Dianne's very own jewelry brand Precious Metal already and in case you were there's no doubt that you have been eagerly awaiting this perk/reward! But... to those who aren't familiar with her jewelry work yet we say: get ready to learn about her creations and quench your thirst for this ultimate metal must have!!

The Anne Boleyn "Blood red pearl necklace"! An elegant design made with Ex Libris red glass teardrop beads, Anne Boleyn's favourite bead of choice: 'pearls', ánd... a guitar string used by our very own guitar player Bob Wijtsma!

Purchase this perk/reward and you will not only be supporting our campaign! No, you will also be able to dress in fashion with "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn", sport a unique piece of jewelry that is hand crafted by Dianne and literally be as close to our music as you can, touch it even...

So... what do you say?
Price of the necklace is €30,= excl shipment costs.

Think about that hey...
Makes for a nice gift as well ;)
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Update posted by Ex Libris On Jun 14, 2018

Would you like hear Dianne and Bob perform without leaving the comfort of your living room, without travelling for hours and getting cramped in an audience!? Well this is your chance!

Join us for an exclusive acoustic live stream concert that will be held by Dianne and Bob on the 21st of September at 8:30pm CET. Listen to new and old Ex Libris songs, the duo's favourite covers ánd... perhaps also the song that you suggested!

So! How do you get your hands on those tickets? Surf to our crowdfunding campaign - select the perk/reward - donate a minimum of €5,= ( so €5,= or whatever you think the concert will be worth!) and save the date!

Give the duo a song suggestion by leaving us a note in the comment section on the crowdfunding check out page! Only the suggestions made by people who bought a ticket will be taken into account.

Concert tickets will consist of a unique log-in code which you will receive a few weeks before the concert by email.

Click here to go to the check out page of this perk/reward!

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Update posted by Ex Libris On Jun 10, 2018

Our crowdfunding campaign has been running for 1 week now and since 193 people have made a donation! Bringing us to 28% of our end goal!! An amazing start to our new adventure, for which we would like to thank you by releasing a 30 second preview of our very first ANN song: "The Courtship", including some never before shown studio material!!
Please note that you will be listening to a mix that is still in progress.

Video footage and clip created by Joost van de Pas.


So great ! Thank you ! But I can not wait to hear more !!


Update posted by Jun 10

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Update posted by Ex Libris On Jun 06, 2018

We're really proud with all the support that we have received so far!
Thanks to you we're
already at +20% of our goal!

So! Time to give you something in return! Here is the first song title of ANN "Chapter 1 - Anne Boleyn" ánd our promise that we will present you with a 30 second snippet of this song upcoming Sunday!


Amazing news!! 😍

Matias Baconsky

Update posted by Jun 06

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