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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jul 30, 2018

Hello there!

This is our final update. We are contacting you one last time to say THANK YOU and SHUKRAN!

Not sick of us yet? Here is a message from the bottom of our hearts. As you can see, we had loads of fun making the crowdfunding campaign!

Warm wishes,

Everyone at Radio Dabanga

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jul 12, 2018

Hey everyone!

The moment is here: our Radio Dabanga crowdfunding has come to an end...
It has been a crazy month filled with excitement, joy and most of all appreciation.
Appreciation for all of you who have supported, shared, liked and spread the word and the love about Radio Dabanga. We really can't thank you enough!

The campaign might be done on this platform but you can always stay in touch if you miss us! :)
Visit our website or check our Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on everything Dabanga.
For now we will be busy with preparing our thank you video and cards for those who donated!

Thanks everyone.

Kind regards,
The Radio Dabanga team

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jul 02, 2018

Hello guys!

Last week we received a very generous donation by Hamid Eltgani Ali who supported us with $1000 (€860)! Of course we are equally thankful and happy for every amount but we wanted to share this mainly because of the beautiful words that accompanied the donation:

Thank you Hamid and everyone else who sponsored our life-saving radio! It really warms our heart that so many people want to #Keepitonair and #SupportDabanga!

Have a great week!

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 26, 2018

"What is the news of the day?"

This is the question that Radio Dabanga editors ask everyday when they walk into our office in Amsterdam.

Klaas van Dijken, a Dutch journalist, entered the office with the same question.

Today, you can listen to him tell us why it is so important that Sudanese people continue to be informed with reliable, independent news everyday.

"Like everyone else, I woke up with Radio Dabanga each morning."

We have almost 30 days of broadcasting thanks to everyone who donated to our campaign. This just shows that great things can happen when lots of people come together, but we still need to shout about Radio Dabanga from the rooftops!

And again, a big THANK YOU for sharing and donating to our campaign!

All the best,

Everyone at Radio Dabanga :)

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 19, 2018

Hello everyone!

Today we wrote the first Thank You cards to everyone who supported our campaign so far. So if you did you can be expecting those in the mail very soon!

That these colorful cartoons are made by Radio Dabanga's very own cartoonist?

His cartoons that satirize Sudanese news events are loved by Sudanese people who follow Radio Dabanga on Facebook. Due to security reasons in Sudan, his identity has to remain anonymous.

Radio Dabanga is based in the Netherlands, which is a big contrast to Sudan regarding freedom of speech. One could not imagine printing and distributing such critical cartoons in Sudan. To highlight this contrast, we are sending out these Radio Dabanga cartoons to our supporters.

Thanks to DRUKBEDRIJF.NL, we are able to print these cartoons for you - for FREE!!

Want to know how you or your company can help Radio Dabanga during this campaign? Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 17, 2018

Hey there!

So maybe you were wandering the streets of Amsterdam this weekend and happened upon an article about Radio Dabanga in Het Parool. What? You didn't? Well, here it is...

Despite a minor dip in crowdfunding this week, we have been very busy with other stories for you to get your teeth into! That is why we have asked two very important people at Radio Dabanga to let you know why their work is vital. You can read the stories of Ibrahim and Kamal here.

But wait, there's more! Klaas van Dijken will be coming in this week for our second ON AIR podcast. For a sneak peek into some of what we'll be talking about, read his story about some of the three million people who have been displaced by counter-insurgency in Sudan.

Up until now, we have a massive 23 days of broadcasting time. We are so very grateful for your donations and support, but we need to carry on the buzz we've started this weekend!!!

Please join us again in this campaign. Share or tweet our posts, email your colleagues, tell your friends, berate your families!

All the best for the rest of your Sunday,

Everyone at Radio Dabanga

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 12, 2018

Good afternoon!

We are very proud to present to you our very first Dabanga Podcast!

Professor and Sudan researcher Eric Reeves was the first one to visit our studios in Amsterdam, to kick of the series. As press freedom is under attack in Sudan, for him Radio Dabanga is a very important source of information.

Enjoy the conversation here.

And stay tuned for more talks with experts, journalists and friends of Radio Dabanga!

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 07, 2018

Seventeen days of radio broadcasting. That's the amount of airtime we have raised with you in week one of the crowdfunding campaign! A total of €5,105.05. Thanks to your donations and sharing our campaign with friends and family.

Thank you so much!!!

That also means there's much more shortwave airtime to be won before our campaign ends on June 30th. Airtime that is important for the journalists of Radio Dabanga, and even more for the listeners in Sudan. Why?

This story will help understand how our shortwave broadcasts informed people in Sudan about the cholera outbreak. We hope it will help you tell others about the importance of Radio Dabanga in Sudan - and why we should keep it on air!

If you're a quiz fanatic, challenge your friends in the quiz here and find out if you know enough about Sudan to win a special Radio Dabanga postcard. Don't forget to share your quiz result online: mention #supportDabanga and @RadioDabanga on Twitter, or Radio Dabanga Sudan on Facebook.

That will help spread our campaign to all corners of the digital world. Radio Dabanga needs all the support it can get!

Or simply share this GIF we made especially for today :-)

Stay tuned!

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 06, 2018

Good morning,

We are blown over by your generosity! Over 10% of our campaign has been crowdfunded already, meaning that we have over 17 days of broadcasting. Thank you for supporting us and becoming a friend of Dabanga.

To start the day, please check out one of our favorite programs, Lost & Found.

In the meantime, stay tuned!

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Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 05, 2018

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