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Update posted by Trevor Anderson On May 09, 2018

I went to visit Moe this evening. she is having a rough week with the heat and diarrhea. Last night was another sleepless night and back to the hospital this morning. The air in their room felt like 40 Degrees Cel. Outstanding hospital bills are now 25.000 THB. This is more than we have raised to date. If you have not donated yet, please think about it. She is a lovely little baby in need.


Sir/ Ma’am, please help me. See my camping.. I am in a big problem. Please donate me.

Anirban Mondal

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Update posted by Trevor Anderson On May 05, 2018

Good news. I have just been to visit baby Moe and after a sleepless night her fever broke around 5 am and she is sleeping peacefully back at home. She is a beautiful baby living in a hovel , but her patents love her and I am sure she will pull through. Thank you for your generosity From this campaign and cash donations we have now raised 14,000 THB almost half way to our target.

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