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Update posted by Marouan El Marzgioui On Jun 16, 2019

For Funders who are intrested and people who are welling to invest and yield benefits on their investments, i am offer you all a new partnership investing opportunity with and equity share of revenue up to 50 % !For people who are welling to invest an amount of 100,000 & or more in our project will enjoy a REVENUE SHARE of 50% of the TOTAL SALES of the POTARA product once realesed on the market , this partnership will be valid for 2 years starting the day the Product is released on the market !

For more information, Please don't hasitate to contact me directly on my personel Email listed.

Thank you.
Marouan El Marzgioui - Founder.


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Update posted by Marouan El Marzgioui On Jan 13, 2019

I am currently looking for investors to help my App grow its user base and gain some traction on the Market by providing the financial resources necessary to market, monetize and sponsor the game. This is an investment opportunity that will yield financial benefits for the investors, i am welling to share up to 5 % of the total revenue that my App will make on the market based on the percentage of your investments/Funds.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me on my E-mail for further information concerning the deal i offer and/or the investment plan !

Thank you so much,

Marouan El Marzgioui.


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