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Update posted by Adellie Gracia On Apr 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Baby Matt is still under the tubes. His stomach has grown bigger from 35 cm to 37 cm. Doctor said it's just air and one of the tubes is helping suck it out. However, some yellowish liquid also comes out of it.

He moves a lot now though. His hands are moving more like wanting to take off the tubes and we keep a closer watch to make sure that the tubes are intact with him.

That's the closest we can have for an active baby and I cry out of sheer joy because his every little movement, breathing, and response is a miracle.


Mama Adellie

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Update posted by Adellie Gracia On Apr 21, 2017

April 21, 2017


To lessen the increase of our hospital bill, we have moved baby Matt from the ICU to the ward.

What is the difference?

The ICU provides closer monitoring of critical patients who are assigned with one nurse each while the ward only provides one roving nurse for all the patients there. In terms of billing, the ICU is more expensive than the ward.

The doctor warranted the transfer as we need to prioritize buying his daily medicine worth P7,000.00 (USD 140) a day than paying for hospital room service. Honestly, there were days that we miss his daily dosage due to lack of funds.

By the way, nothing serious came out of his stomach ultrasound, thank God.

It is still his weak heart that we are trying to medically manage.

Please keep your prayers coming for his recovery.

Also, thank you to those who responded to this page and sent their donations.


I have limited access to the Internet but I will try as much as I can to give you updates.


Mama Adellie

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