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Update posted by Teocah Dove On Sep 08, 2016

Dear All,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the surgery was performed on August 20th, 2016 and was successful. The surgeon performed Cryotherapy and buckle, attempting to seal the retina back onto the back of the eye.

The first few days I felt drowsy but I had minimal pain, moreso discomfort as I could feel the sutures in the eye. It felt like little stones in the eye. After a few days, the swelling went down and I had less discharge coming from the eye.

I have to restrict certain activities, no bending, lifting heavy objects, no washing my face (the tough one lol). As time pass I must say I feel better and stronger.

At present, when my both eyes are open I have double vision. The doctor said this could take about 3 months to go away and if it doesnt by then, they will intervene. He said he is optimistic it will resolve on its own and hopefully, I wont need another surgery. Until then I would have to wear an eye patch.

I'm now in the after-care period.

The good news is I can attend school in October and although I have been restricted to bed rest, I continue, focused on my community work, but I promise I'm going to take it easy and try take care of myself.

Thank you again for all your help and support, and seeing my cause worthy enough to give a donation.

I'm looking forward to full healing and returning to serving others.

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