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Update posted by Christy Sweet On Nov 06, 2016

I've got distressing news

I am going to have to offer to give the donations back. The stable in Penang is closing- the land is being developed.

I was waiting to hear if the owner was going to try and move the establishment but he is not, I'm just glad I found out before I made the move because it was going to be a one gigantic hassle.

I simply do not have the cash on hand to offer refunds just yet. I've just contacted the funding site to find out if I can do it through their processing- or if I have to do it myself. If so, my sister is traveling in EU and will return in two weeks (Nov 21) and then I can refund donations as the funds are in her bank account.

There is an maybe still and option at a resort to give pony rides about 5 hours drive from Phuket- still in Thailand. I am in contact with them , but just not sure if this will work out.

I'm just sick about this - I was really looking forward to a new life in a fantastic city, Georgetown, Penang.

so [sniff,... sniff sobs] I have contacted all I can through emails and will be stopping the fundraiser. I will leave it up until I hear how to go about refunds.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me - and the ponies.

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Update posted by Christy Sweet On Sep 24, 2016

Raised offline; $317 + $ 250 online = $ 567 Total That's 12 % to goal !!

Is that right? Someone check my math !!

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Update posted by Christy Sweet On Sep 24, 2016

OK back on track and THANK YOU to Olga Musson-Zepke down in Malaysia who sent in a $ 200 check. Olga has been a great supporter of the ponies- and me in the past even donating two brand new bitless bridles a few years back-bridles which I almost gave away with the horses that were adopted-but kept and now am glad I did !! THANK YOU OLGA !!

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Update posted by Christy Sweet On Aug 13, 2016

Last 2 weeks got a little side tracked with a couple of neglected horses in Phuket. Sadly, was unable to convince the owner she needs to let them go to a willing, compassionate buyer who wants to help with a fair offer and so,... not looking too good for them.

This leaves me to concentrate on what I can do for my ponies- now, with this campaign. Let me give a big thank you to Ankie Mooy for the THB 4000 cash donation on August 11th, (which is about $117 USD) bringing the fund up to $ 367 USD !! (And thank you to Reena and Glenys for helping Ankie find me !!)

Thank you everyone !

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Update posted by Christy Sweet On Jul 25, 2016

Two horses in the jungle, Born to run and needing an assist

An American maiden, Pleasant and humble, Under the gun and making a list

Let the maiden write your name, Cash your check to make the dream

These horses are in dire peril, The maiden is over a barrel

To another island they need to go, There they will be safe -- make it so.

Tap the screen or click of the mouse, Be warm in your house,

But remember the clock is ticking,

Let's keep these horses hooves a kicking !!

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Update posted by Christy Sweet On Jul 22, 2016

Together, seven folks have contributed 16 % of the goal in one week and special thanks to the gentleman in The Great State of Texas who not only contributed $ 150, but wrote this fantastic comment;

Imagine being on your own in the Equatorial jungle trying to save the life of two horses and simply wanting to help others with them. All you need is for a few comfortable Americans to pull together and create $4000. What do you do?

Thank you, all. And Lamburg and Pony-Boy are very grateful, too- in their horsey way.

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Update posted by Christy Sweet On Jul 17, 2016

Alright Just got Pay Pal enabled (I think..) and are 1/100th of the way there !!! Just need 198 more people to give 20 $ !! Is that right? Someone check my math, please.

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