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Update posted by Justin Coombs On Nov 25, 2016

Dear friends & supporters of our man Dan,

It’s with the heaviest of hearts I have to tell you that Dan died just before 4pm on Wednesday 23rd November, following a short spell at Katoomba Hospital in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. Although there was a lot of pain involved in his fight against metastasized bowel cancer, when he slipped away it was peaceful and pain-free. His devoted fiancée Jen, his much-loved future sisters-in-law and a few close friends were by his side.

Most of us can only imagine the kind of devastation that comes with losing someone so young in such horrific circumstances, and our heart goes out to Jen, his mum and dad Lynne and Chris, his beloved sister Natalie and the rest of his family back in the UK.

  • To all those who shared the link to this campaign, please know that if just one youngster who needs to get checked gets checked, you’ve done a wonderful thing. Dan’s ultimately terminal condition had almost certainly been developing for many months or even years, during which time it would have been treatable, but bowel cancer flew under the radar because he was so young no-one was looking for it.
  • To all those who donated to this campaign, please know that your generosity gave Dan and Jen the leg room they needed to focus on the research and treatment required for their fight, free from day to day stresses with the time to ensure no stone was left unturned in their mission to make him better. Even though the ending isn’t what we wanted, thanks to you Dan didn’t die wondering.
  • To all those who gave Dan love and support since he was diagnosed, Jen says “you know who you are” and thanks you from the bottom of her heart. Every single last one of you who called, came to give him a cuddle or got involved in their fight in anyway, you helped generate the strength and love they needed to keep going. Dan kept saying “thank you” during his last days, and he was talking to you too.
  • To all those who found out on social media, including some family and close friends. As you know our man Dan had a lot of friends and was incredibly well-connected... and somehow the news started to break on Facebook just a few hours after he died, before we had a chance to reach out to you. If you’d like to know more about Dan’s experience or keep in touch regarding his funeral, please contact me on [email protected].

Dan did not lose this fight, it was already lost long before he knew anything about it. But the mind blowing bravery, the meticulous research, the utter dedication, the unwavering positivity, the innovative trouble-shooting, the calm, practical approach to problems which would send the rest of us insane... anyway you look at what happened, you see an outright winner.

On his last morning, when he was sick enough to know he wouldn’t last the day, he got a burst of energy and gathered us around. He said, “Right, I’m not fucking done yet, alright! Now you have got to work together, get me sitting up so I can talk to you.” Although it was a bit too hard to get him sitting up, we did have a good laugh with him about how, in the face of such adversity, he still found time to be a bossy control freak.

And of course he’s totally right, Dan’s not done yet... because a legend like this lives forever.


Sad to hear the news but delighted in the fight he put up and the positives that will come out of this. RIP Dan.

Jason Barnes

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Update posted by Justin Coombs On Jun 14, 2016

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“The Dan Sheppard Cup”. Sydney, Friday 10th June.

In an amazing show of strong love and sublime support, Australia’s advertising technology community came together last Friday for the inaugural “Dan Sheppard Cup” fundraiser, held at Wentworth Park footie ground in the Sydney suburb of Glebe. Led by Dan’s employer Xpand, friends and colleagues formed a league of soccer teams including some of the world’s most recognisable online brands.

Watched and cheered by hundreds of spectators under stunning Sydney autumn sunshine, the slightly out of shape teams provided excellent entertainment throughout the afternoon as we progressed towards the Grand Final... which featured Yahoo7 and eBay, the latter emerging victorious.

The final fundraising tally isn’t in yet, but we’re looking in the tens of thousands... and judging by the noise we all made, both at the ground and later in the pub all wearing our #dansnotdoneyet t-shirts and wristbands, some great awareness work was done too.

On a pain scale of 1 to 10 our man Dan was on 8 that day, but he was there from start to finish, loved every second and went home with a big smile on his face (carrying a framed signed t-shirt from his beloved UK soccer team, Arsenal). He’s since described it as one of the “best moments of my life” and he sends thanks to all involved from the bottom of his heart.

The ups & downs of fighting stage 4 cancer.

Since the last update our man has found out that the prescribed medical treatment required for his condition involves even more chemotherapy and operations than at first thought. Should he choose to go down that path, the next two to three years of his life will look like this: aggressive chemo, liver operation, aggressive chemo, bowel operation, more aggressive chemo.

What’s more he’s been told he has a nasty cancer causing gene, so when he kicks it away, they’ll be an ever present chance of it coming back... and this will require ongoing radiation treatment to keep it at bay.

But there’s brighter news in his most recent blood work. After nearly a month of his super food diet – a double strict, wholly natural alkaline based program, lovingly researched and prepared by his life-giving girlfriend Jen – one of the main “tumour marker” blood results has shown a massive improvement. His immune system is in a state of stabilisation, which means his body is regenerating and now focused on fighting the cancer, instead of other toxins in his body.

Specialists have described the huge reduction as something they “would only expect to see after chemotherapy”, which is promising to say the very least. Who knows, maybe our man is onto something!

Stay tuned. There are some big decisions for Dan to make over the next few weeks. In the meantime, the search for effective alternative therapies and ambitious oncologists continues.

Bowel cancer among the under-50s is on a massive rise. Share this and get checked!

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Update posted by Justin Coombs On May 31, 2016

In addition to eating lots of super foods, calling lots of oncologists and farting a lot as a result of all the super foods, Dan has taken delivery of his latest cancer fighting gizmo – the “Rife Digital”. This device addresses specific frequencies to stimulate an altering of bio resonance in the cells, reversing changes caused by the disease. Put simply, it purports to change bad cells back into good cells.

Of course as you would expect with Dan, the technology has been thoroughly researched and there are some promising independent reviews. But there’s only one way to find out, right? And when you’ve got renowned oncologists telling you the game is up, this is $750 that’s got to be worth a shot.

It’s not often Dan is unable to articulate how he feels, but on this occasion in response to the overwhelming love, support and sharing that’s going on, all he can really do is look at his various screens in wonderment. What you’re all doing is quite simply wonderful, your kindness is yet another powerful tool this legend of a man has to help in his fight.

For anyone who can get to Sydney and would like to have a bit of fun showing some support, there will be a big fundraising event to follow in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned. #dansnotdoneyet

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