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Update posted by Ludger Orlok On May 24, 2016

So, after a week of being away...having seed the seeds sprouting, I came to the garden and saw this

A woodpecker pecked out a hole for its home with its partner.

We put the last of the wood logs in for decoration and SEATING!! And everything is finding its home and coming to life. a community is being created here. We can witness how they will work together.

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Update posted by Ludger Orlok On May 24, 2016

A lot has happened since the last update. We decided to extend the crowdfunding, but we haven't been very vocal about it. However, it is still going on until the 21st of June, the summer solstice. Here's what been happening.

After the earth and the gravel were distributed around the trees and in the space, the garden needed time to settle. One of my biggest intimidations was how to make hills. It's a funny thought and a new one for me ... but as in nature.. letting it happen naturally was the best way to go.. and voila... we have hills.

Thanks to some lovely plant donations from Silke Lehman and http://gaertnereiteske.de/, as well as Der Grüner Partei, we were able to have a planting party. The Green Party had an event in the Uferstudios and used the garden as a great photo opportunity, showing the politicians planting in the Impossible Forest. We were in Der Spiegel.

On a cold and rainy sunday, a gorgeous group of us fed the garden its new babies and we seeded and we sewed.

Here is the Thyme, getting ready to spread over the Hillock.

The Magical Dogwood

Flower Bed

Magnolia and the Lilacs

Honey Suckle on moss on tree

The Garden before dusk

Patience is what is being learned here. Watching things grow takes time. Mistakes take time to recognize. Learning how to feed the soil in order to bring it to life has brought great insight to the planet and how healthy soil is EVERYTHING.

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Update posted by Ludger Orlok On Apr 04, 2016

The gravel arrived and a gorgeous group of supporters showed up to shovel it. It was very intimidating, but some how we did it in one day with no serious injuries :). Just a gorgeous layer of natural gravel filled with clay and stones that came out of a side of a mountain that very morning.

We made a border around the garden to contain it a little bit.

We bought some shovels as well had a few donations from Clement Leyes and Wikiwoods

And we had so much gravel we decided to extend the garden by 5 meters or so.

Special thanks to the gravel spreading team. Laurie, Chris, Ivo, Ludger, Matteo, Gordon, Silke, Lars, Enrico

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Update posted by Ludger Orlok On Mar 15, 2016

Yesterday our great our great team from Herr Dolezki came to dig the holes. They found a lot of different things under the asphalt.. wood, bricks, rubber and train tracks.

And then the trees arrived!!!

All of the trees have been dead for quite some time. Most of these trees would have needed to be removed from the shared forest in Götz.

And then they started to put them in the ground.

4 down 9 to go. It is already looking amazing. Thanks for your support again and again


Wow, such quick progress. Amazing Jared, you are such a dynamo.

Lesley Renwick

Update posted by Mar 15

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