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Update posted by Matilda Mitford On Sep 02, 2015

Wow, made my updated target in two days *blink*. I will keep fundraising and everything I get over the total will add to the amount of supplies I can take. If I have to do two runs, so much the better!

Lots of people have asked me if there is anything else they can do and I know that physical donations of clothes and other supplies are being collected all over the UK. There's a fantastic Facebook group who are working to collect all the information about convoys and drop off points throughout the country. They have links and databases on this page here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/calais-people-to-pe... All the info I have about which distributing organisations to work with, how to contact them and what's actually needed on the ground come from that group - they're the best!

Thanks again everyone!

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