Updates on Dog rescue project in Lombok / Karin & Dede

Update 19 Nov 2021
Update posted by Muhaidi Muhaidi On Nov 19

Hi guys! I haven't posted about Luna and the puppies in a few days. This is because Luna hasn't been doing too well, and most pictures of the last few days aren't very nice to look at (more for a vet's eye). She is eating bit by bit, but still not enough and got a few more wounds on her left front leg, plus an extremely swollen foot. It just seems like she can't catch a break sometimes πŸ˜”

She is still taking care of the puppies as best she can, which is absolutely amazing in her condition. The puppies still seem very healthy and have opened their eyes. Even Lucky opened his two eyes when he was supposed to only have one πŸ‘€ another miracle I guess ✨

We are super proud of how Luna keeps going through all the pain and still takes care of her puppies so well. We try our hardest to make her feel as comfortable as possible. We'd also like to thank everyone again for their support. Without that we doubt if Luna would have made it this far and then things could've been very different for her puppies as well 🐢🧑

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