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My mother rush to the hospital Emergency due to heavy breathing.
Update posted by Evelyn Lim On Oct 30

We rush our Mother Evelyn to Cebu Doctors Hospital Emergency on Saturday Morning October 23, 2021 because our mom experiencing difficult in breathing. The pulmonary doctor undergo a Chest X-Ray on my mother and there they confirm that the tumor on her lungs produce a water on her right lungs that's why my mother experiencing difficult in breathing and also the other reason is that my mother had a hyponatremia the sodium on her body falls bellow to 50-60 that's on that day my mom is so weak she can't speak to us also. Here is the first picture on October 23, 2021 when me and my mom is at the emergency room waiting for the swab result so that we can proceed to the room for admission. And also on that date in the evening the surgeon doctor perform a CTT (Chest tube insertion) on her right lungs so that the water on her right lungs will be flush out and we can monitor if the water will be comeback i attached the second and third pic when she is going to the OR (Operating Room) and the CTT bottle that will collect the water from her right lungs. She recover on a few days and the doctor also said that my mom has a small pneumonia on her left lungs we already manage got the expenses that required to take on atleast 6-7days. The fourth pic is that my mom has recover from that illness.

Emergency Room with my mom.

Going to the Operating Room.

The CTT bottle that collects the water from her lungs.

My mom recover on a few days now she can cleary speak to us,

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