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Update posted by Timothy Reimer On Sep 18

Q Can you give me a little more background information on your education?

A: I was home school by my mother until grade 9, at this point, my learning disabilities became too much for her to handle, on top of that, she was starting to have her own health issues (gastroparesis, the first of four bouts of cancer). so I decided quit homeschooling.

I was also having some personal issues that took a few years to deal with.

Q: What's wrong with the computer?

A: My Graphics Card is over heating doing basic tasks. the Motherboard has only two barely working USB port out of the 8 on it, once those go, I won't be able to use the computer anymore. the fans in the case are making abnormal sounds and seem to be glued or moulded into the case I have. also, it dose not have enough RAM to be able run the programs I will use in post secondary.

Q: Have you look for other ways of getting a computer?

A: Yes I have, and there is nothing, I've been told more then a few time that I'm too old to qualify for most programs that could help get a computer. I have been given non-age related reasons as well and the result is the same, no computer. it been frustrating.

If anyone has more questions, please ask them.

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